I would like to know the formula to convert PSI to GPM please. Hopefully the tank is on a hill, or a tower or some other elevated location. If your water comes from a tank or other gravity fed system, skip this page and go to How to Measure the GPM & PSI from a Gravity Fed Water System. 55 PSI is a good pressure for both the needs of a house and a sprinkler system. 60 / 5 = 12 GPM. (Okay, no doubt some hot shot out there wants to argue with me. Another option is to use drip irrigation for shrub areas. PEX was not invented until the ’70s, and it is seldom found in homes built before 1975. Most pressure regulators are adjustable, so the water company has no idea what pressure the regulator is set at. The shut-off valve, and possibly a water meter, are often located in the basement or crawl space to help protect them from freezing. Steel and brass pipe have threaded connections, a few threads almost always are visible at the joints. Double check that all the water so water is turned off and not flowing in the house pipes. This height is the elevation difference, not the distance away. So the irrigation water will not pass through any of those smaller pipes inside the house and you can ignore them. The regulator may be installed near the water meter or at the point where the water supply pipe enters the house. Then turn on the valve the gauge is connected to and allow the water to enter the gauge. You can try to find the restriction and get rid of it, or you can simply use the lower flow test GPM for your Initial Design Flow below. Enter your Design Flow on your Design Data Form. Robert Fogt. Steel Pipe. Also make a note of the type– copper, brass, steel, PVC, PEX, or PE. True PEX is a stronger form of cross-linked polyethylene that has become popular in recent years. PVC Pipe. The result is your “Tank Inflow GPM”. First off, grab the phone and call up your water supplier. You are going to need about 20 GPM of water to irrigate 1 acre of grass with sprinklers. If you have a storage tank you MUST measure the water inflow to the tank. Simply measure the time in seconds it takes to fill a 1 gallon container from the pipe! Pretty simple! You are going to need about 20 GPM of water to irrigate 1 acre of grass with sprinklers. Confused? You need to either forget you ever read them or do not continue. This is because you can get an accurate pressure measurement from a hose bib– if the water is not flowing, as described. When the pipe enters the house it might switch from plastic to copper pipe, or possibly it might be galvanized steel. In other words, if you imagine a level line extending from the tank over your yard, it is the height that line would be above your yard. You might want to write this down on the Design Data Form so you don’t forget! In areas with severely cold winters the water meter is often installed in the house basement or a utility room of the house. If you can’t find a size, ask your water company or just assume the meter is the next size SMALLER than the pipe running to the house. This is probably not practical, so you may need to do a bit of guessing and adjust your test results accordingly. (It wasn’t officially sold in the USA until 1985. It can snap that valve closed almost instantly. PVC is often used for house supply pipes in mild winter areas. If you are willing to water more hours per day you can increase the area irrigated by a similar percentage. 8 hours + 12 hours is less than 24 so we can buffer the Tank Inflow GPM. It’s that simple, don’t try to make it harder! STOP! The weakest point is usually that little water tube that runs between the shut off valve and the toilet in your bathroom, or possibly the ones that go to the sink faucets. automation of a rain barrel irrigation system, Balancing the Pressure in an Irrigation System. The Bucket Method of measuring flow is pretty easy, but you may get wet! However, at high flows the water actually damages the inside of the pipe.

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