I had to double this recipe because I knew it would be gone fast and it was. I really love Mexican Guacamole so much and this recipe of yours is perfect! These figures are only estimates and results may vary. Give it a go and you’ll be surprised by the delicious flavors. Cheers. The type of onion you choose will add a different dimension to the avocado flavors. We’d love to see how it turns out. Yes, can’t go wrong with guacamole at all Cheers. Indefinite1 Month3 Months6 Months } ?>. Do you use tomatoes in your guacamole? Try it and let us know. We personally like our Mexican Guacamole chunky. Further, the Aztec believed guacamole to be an aphrodisiac, further increasing its popularity. Guacamole has grown in popularity around the world. We eat a lot of avocados here in SoCal. Thank you! We’ve made guacamole with red onions in the past and they are also a good alternative. The authentic food you will find in Mexico is artisanal, steeped in history and tradition and so much more interesting! Don’t forget to give a Star Rating on the recipe and let us know your comments. Typically, when we’ve made guacamole in the past, we’ve always added tomatoes. Traditional food in Mexico varies significantly from region to region which is a common trait among large countries with varying climates and traditions. To discuss ways to advertise or partner, please visit our media page. At the time, Mexican guacamole was very popular for its high fat and protein content. This article has links to products and services we recommend, which we may make a commission from. We are truly enjoying the local Mexican flavors. There’s Tex-Mex, and there’s authentic Mexican food, but the former couldn’t exist without the latter. Some Mexican guacamoles call for tomatoes. They are believed to have made guacamole purely from mashed avocados. I’m not sharing either LOL…because guac! Nonetheless, if you want to add tomatoes, simply chop them up and add them slowly to the mashed avocado mixture. It’s the perfect summer appetizer for my family! Authentic Food Quest participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program designed to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. I also am dying to get my own Mexican molcajete to mash up those avocados at home! Thank you so much. Nutritional information is provided as a courtesy and is an estimate only. We enjoyed delicious Mexican guacamole on a Secret food tour in Mexico City. We feel the same way about guac as well. ③ Tortas. Hi Stephen, hope all is well in SoCal. I’ve never tried to make it on my own. I always use tomatoes, never thought to not use them. Authentic Food Quest has been featured on top publications such as Huffington Post, Business Insider, and Honest Cooking. Sign up here for authentic and local food tips for travelers. Try the best authentic Mexican recipes from the Mexican Food Journal.

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