Bolian, claiming to have been in contact with the new record-holders, says the new record is less than 26 hours, but did not disclose an exact time in the above video published Thursday. Yes, it’s a live album but it was not recorded at The Club in Chicago but Studio A in the Capitol building. hot-and-heavy bop days of the late 1940s, is generally thought of As proof, Reese presented 16 documents notarized on both ends, identifying drivers and three eyewitnesses: Matt Nordenstrom, Johnnie Oberg Jr., and Anthony Alvarado. It was entirely possible that a combo would be made up entirely of luminaries who had their own stable of musicians that they recorded their own albums with. [14][15] The team averaged 103 miles per hour (166 km/h) and reached a top speed of 193 miles per hour (311 km/h) on the trip covering 13 states. They beat Mastracci and Reese's prior record of 58 hours, 48 minutes for an LA–NYC run in an electric vehicle with a total time of 57 hours, 48 minutes.[43]. Posted by Discover Jazz | Jazz Music, Saxophone. of record dates. jockey) that is so strictly In a lights-out mood that -except for The record was completed in a 2019 Audi A8L with additional fuel tanks in the rear storage. that, we think, turned into actualities in this recording. The entire album is a gem but “Waltz for Debby” is amazing: glistening arpeggios by Evans foreshadow Adderley’s masterful rendition of melody and improvisation. 'blowing' date, in the best sense of that much-abused term. 1. The title track of this stellar album is one of those songs that everyone knows whether they realize it or not. Original cover  Riverside RLP 12-286 (mono) or "Hi-Fly", Cannonball Adderley's solo transcription - YouTube Serves Me Right (Take 4)(Johnson) Oh, about that nickname? He wanted a higher education. through the courtesy of ATLANTIC Records; Art Blakey courtesy of And while this is a laidback album, don’t let that chill atmosphere fool you. here, the juxtaposition of Cannonball, Milt and this rhythm Join the mailing list for tools, resources & ideas - all free, Join the Jazzfuel newsletter and get the free PDF in your inbox today. reflect the critical attitudes and technical Evidence was Western Union telegrams at New York City and Los Angeles. Bolian says that through some states, the record-breaking team averaged over 120 mph. All of whom are legends in the classic bebop era of jazz. Adderley was a member of the Miles Davis Sextet at the time this album was recorded. nights, as being at rather widely separated parts of the current "Alabama Concerto" LP, has given sharp indication One of the highlights of the album is the introduction of Nat Adderley Jr. by his obviously proud uncle, Cannonball. one bulb-it was recorded that way. The previous record holders remain anonymous, and traveled from the Red Ball Garage[16] on the east side of Manhattan to the Portofino Hotel[17] in Redondo Beach, California, a total of 2,825.3 miles (4,546.9 km) in 26 hours 38 minutes in April 2020. Those tracks were released in 2005. A second starting point emerged for the 1979 running at the Goodwives Shopping Center in Darien, Connecticut. The laidback vibe and nuances of Somethin’ Else conjure images of smoky jazz clubs from the ’50s and ’60s. The opening track, Spontaneous Combustion, kicks off with a spidery piano figure before the band launches into a bluesy groove perfect for a night of dancing in the club. Another team even managed to set a 26 minute 43 minute time from New York to Los Angeles, coming within five minutes of the aforementioned Audi A8 record time. Throw this on without telling anyone what it is and wait to see how long it takes for all conversation to stop and the focus to go straight to the turntable. Soloist: Cannonball Adderley “Milestones” Miles Davis Milestones (Columbia, 1958) Cannonball jumps right out of the gate with a perfect alto sound and complete command. EJMA School (Best ! This incredible session was captured to tape by the legendary Rudy Van Gelder in his Hackensack, New Jersey studio. He passed away from stroke complications in 1975 aged just 46. "[7], The outright record for the Cannonball Run Challenge has generally been set using a gasoline-powered car, as is the case since 1933. It should be required listening. on the changes for Dizzy's memorable composition of the early-bop But when Rouse recognised the man as Cannonball from gigs they played in Florida, fate intervened. A New Sub-26-Hour Cannonball Record Has Allegedly Been Set. Road & Track participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. He tells them that because of their coolness, the band is choosing this venue (the Village Vanguard) as the site for their first New York live album. Cannonball was all about making sure the audience was having a good time. 9. Jazzfuel is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Adderley was a fun-loving guy who liked the audience to have a good time, but he was also a thought-provoking artist and he addressed that with every genre that he played in. This Joe Zawinul-penned song reached No.

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