Finally, in the Financial Plan section, estimates of sales volume, general expenses and return expectations in order for the investor to have available clear and sufficient information which will serve as an aid for the purposes of making a decision in relation to the financing of the new business project are furnished. We still have the full detail and templates for this business plan. 1. Sample Business Plan: looking for an Investor What We can do for You Now. In this document, based on an executive summary wherein a project mission statement is made, the names of the entrepreneurs and the description of the new product or service are included, then proceeding to the analysing of the sector in which the new company operates, its main competitors as well as the marketing and implementation strategies in order to attain the set objectives. For investors to stick with you until the completion of a business project, you have to make sure that from the start, you have a reliable and sustainable business proposal that will benefit everyone involved in the business. Cover page: Include the company’s name, contact information and company logo. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYEntrepreneurs and foundersNew product or serviceFunding request, 2. BUSINESS INDUSTRYIndustry overviewSeasonal factorsPosition in the industryIntellectual Property Rights, 3. The purpose is that the investor understands the key characteristics of the new business and to make the decision as to whether the project is sufficiently attractive for investment purposes and to obtain a reasonable return. STRATEGY AND IMPLEMENTATION SUMMARYCompany goals and objectivesMarketing tacticsExit strategy, 5. So, what are you waiting for? The Business Plan for Investors is a document which entrepreneurs who create new companies and startups furnish to potential investors for the purposes of securing financing that enables the development of the business. Take a look at our ready-made professional-looking Business Proposal for Investors template. Unlimited Downloads of 100,000+ Ready-Made, Designs, Documents & Templates. The next step is what Complete Full Marks Consultnts Limited, can do for you in this regard. 3. FINANCIAL PLANTurnover and gross profitEstimated growthCostsNet profit, International Sales Representative Agreement, Intermediary Contract for Trade Operations, International Strategic Alliance Agreement, International Technology Transfer Agreement, International Trademark License Agreement, International Manufacturing License Agreement, International Know-How Agreement and Contract, International Software Distribution Agreement, NCND Non-Circumvention & Non-Disclosure Contract, Contrato Representación Comercial Internacional, Contrato Intermediación Comercial Internacional, Contrato Alianza Estratégica Internacional, Contrato Internacional de Transferencia de Tecnología, Contrato Internacional de Licencia de Marca, Contrato Internacional de Licencia de Fabricación, Contrato Internacional de Licencia de Software, Contrato Internacional de Distribución de Software, Contrato Agente Inmobiliario Internacional, Contrato Internacional de Confidencialidad, Contrat de Représentation Commerciale Internationale, Contrat de Commission sur Vente Internationale, Contrat International d´Approvisionnement, Contrat d’Intermédiation Commercial Internationale, Internationaler Geheimhaltungsvereinbarung, Contrato de Representação Comercial Internacional, Contrato de Intermediação Comercial Internacional, Contrato Internacional de Prestação de Serviços, Contratto di Distribuzione Internazionale, Contratto di Agenzia Commerciale Internazionale, Contratto di Rappresentanza Commerciale Internazionale, Contratto Internazionale di Affiliazione Commerciale, International Sale Contract for Arab Countries (English-Arabic), Exclusive Distribution Contract for Arab Countries (English-Arabic), Comercial Agency Contract for Arab Countries (English-Arabic), Supply Contract for Arab Countries (English-Arabic), Strategic Alliance Agreement for Arab Countries (English-Arabic), Confidentiality Contract for Arab Countries (English-Arabic), Pack 6 Contracts for Arab Countries (English-Arabic), Purchase Contract for China in English and Chinese, Distribution contract for China in Chinese, Manufacturing contract for China in Chinese, Confidentiality contract for China in Chinese, Employment Contract for China in English and Chinese, Memorandum of Understanding for Distribution in China (English And Chinese), Memorandum of Understanding for Joint Venture in China (English And Chinese), Letter of intent for international distribution, Letter of Intent for international joint venture, Request for information to an overseas supplier, Tender for commercial offer and sales conditions, Pack 30 Letters for Exporters and Importers, Carta de intenciones para compraventa internacional, Carta de intenciones para distribución internacional, Carta de intenciones para joint venture internacional, Presentación de la empresa a cliente potencial, Propuesta para realizar una alianza estratégica, Petición de información a proveedor extranjero, Respuesta a una propuesta sobre alianza estratégica, Solicitud para acortar el plazo de entrega, Notificación de apertura de carta de crédito, Queja sobre entrega de mercancías deterioradas, Pack 30 Cartas para Exportadores e Importadores, Confidentiality Contract between Companies, Confidentiality Contract for Product or Business Idea, Confidentiality Contract for Consultants and Contractors, Shareholders Agreement for a New Company or Startup, Pack 4 Shareholders & Investors Agreements, 30% discount if you buy 2 or more contracts, Written by our international legal experts. This document serves as a template for making a BUSINESS PLAN FOR INVESTORS in which all the sections that this type of Plan must have are included therein as an example so that the investor may make a decision in relation to financing the project. MARKETING SUMMARYTarget marketsCompetitionServices, 4. Take a look at our ready-made professional-looking Business Proposal for Investors template. Use a business plan template to create your business plan by adding the detailed information behind the pitch deck and executive summary outline.. To attract investors a business plan should include the following: 1. Create a strong and effective proposal to convince possible investors to make business with you. Therefore, if you have need for this business plan call on us on +234 8034347851 and This document is a preliminary step to the drawing up and signing of an Investors Agreement. Download this Business Proposal for Investors template now to attract more investors! 2. Table of contents. For investors to stick with you until the completion of a business project, you have to make sure that from the start, you have a reliable and sustainable business proposal that will benefit everyone involved in the business. For easy access, you can download it on various devices, even on your phone!

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