Immediately before serving, I topped the overnight oats with slices of banana, strawberry, and a sprinkling of chopped peanuts and cacao nibs (the kids like mini chocolate chips) for more flavor and texture. Yes, you can and totally should inhale this chocolate overnight oatmeal. Looking for a quick and simple breakfast recipe that's packed with flavor and age-defying benefits? 1/3 cup milk, skim, 2%, soy - any are fine! This is BREAKFAST?! She loves putting healthy twists on not-so-healthy food favorites that everyone can enjoy. I’ve used Dutch cocoa powder and 1 tablespoon honey. Through this blog, we share our eating adventures and recipes. You can make the oats ahead of time and make enough to meal prep for a week. This sounds delicious. Hope it turns out well! I’ve also made pumpkin overnight oats, but for this version, I used milk, cacao powder (I discussed the health benefits of cacao here), chia seeds and honey. If you happen to be the one person out of a million who doesn’t like chocolate, our original, unflavored Super Youth collagen works just as well, so you can still get the same incredible age-reversing benefits with your healthy breakfast. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Overnight oats are my current new love. We hope you enjoy following along! Poor thing came home in tears Maybe next year will go better…, We had some neighbors over yesterday for a little pre-Valentine’s brunch. It won’t add additional time to your morning routine, tastes like pure heaven, and will be ready and waiting for you when you open that now treasure chest of a fridge. 19 hours ago, by Alessia Santoro Looking for a quick and simple breakfast recipe that’s packed with flavor and age-defying benefits? How’s that for a power-packed breakfast?! 1 hour ago, by Yerin Kim It can also be swapped for almond butter. You can add fruits, sweeteners, nut butters, yogurt and more. Please read my, Ball 60000 Half Pint (8 oz.) So, if you got worried about sugar intake after reading that, no need! I think she was worn out and over-stimulated with all the music and people. What about using real maple syrup in place of the honey? 19 hours ago, by Monica Sisavat If you are using cocoa powder, use unsweetened. amazing!!!!! By adding collagen to your overnight oats, you can reduce wrinkles, increase your skin’s elasticity, strengthen your bones and joints, and longer, strong, hair and nails. . My 2 year old can’t get enough! Because of that, you’ll also never get bored! The chia seeds are optional but they make the oatmeal so much creamier. *SkinnyFit is not affiliated with any third party products or brands displayed and the trademarks shown are the property chia overnight oats, chocolate overnight oats, overnight oats. Any type of fruit, nuts, or preferred special topping can be tossed into this recipe making it your very own. Yes. Easy Chicken Recipes with Few Ingredients, Curried wild rice salad with raisins and pecans ». the BEST chocolate overnight oats recipe—satisfyingly rich and deep chocolate taste with creamy vanilla goodness. still a bit too sweet for me. Chocolate Overnight Oats is a healthy, no-cook breakfast. Required fields are marked *. 18 hours ago, by Chanel Vargas Mix everything together with a spoon until combined. Just like with the original overnight-oats post, these brownie batter chocolate overnight oats can be made in just a few simple steps: Layer the ingredients into a mason jar or lidded container, screw the lid on tightly, shake very well, and refrigerate overnight. All information was found on respective brand websites. . For a fun presentation, I dipped the rim of each jar in (runny) peanut butter, then coated them in a layer of chocolate sprinkles. It’s made with our famous Super Youth Chocolate Cake collagen! Anything with peanut butter will forever get my vote and if there is chocolate involved even more so! Please consult a professional nutritionist or doctor for accurate information and any dietary restrictions and concerns you may have.

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