Your IP: in Moscow: Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. (Election of 1960: Television) What event in the fall helped determine the course of the election? (Cuba: The Cuban Missile Crisis) What criticism did JFK receive? GradeSaver, 17 November 2011 Web. He is an old fisherman in Cuba who, at the beginning of the book, has not caught anything for eighty-four days. - Cuban media sensationalized the death of "North American mercenaries". paid a ransom of $53 million in food and medical supplies. the name given to the team of advisers Kennedy surrounded himself with. The novella follows Santiago's quest for the great catch that will save his career.... What did Manolin give Santiago two of before he left? (Election of 1960: Television) Why were people skeptical of him? on the island's southern coast at Bahia de Cochinos, the Bay of Pigs. - called King's wife, Coretta Scott King, to express his sympathy. (Cuba: The Cuban Missile Crisis) What did Khrushchev promise to do? the gravity of a split-second decision that separated Cold War peace from nuclear disaster. (Cuba: The Cuban Missile Crisis) How long did this last? to deter Soviet aggression and imperialism. It made the boy sad to see the old man come in each day with his skiff empty and he always went down to help him carry either the coiled lines or the gaff and harpoon and the sail that was furled around the mast. (Berlin: The Berlin Crisis) What did Khrushchev do that shocked the world, on August 13, 1961? (Cuba: The Cuban Missile Crisis) What did Castro do in 1973? (Berlin: Aftermath) What did they agree to later that year? • (Cuba: The Bay of Pigs) What was the aftermath of the Bay of Pigs? (Cuba: The Cuban Missile Crisis) What increased during the summer of 1962? Who was the 35th President of the United States? (Berlin: The Berlin Crisis) What did JFK refuse to do? a Limited Test Ban Treaty, which barred nuclear testing in the atmosphere. by riding on the coattails of Eisenhower's popularity. - almost 3 million East Germans (20% of the country's population) had fled into West Berlin because it was free from communist rule. (JFK: Military) What did Kennedy focus on from the beginning? (The Camelot Years) What did JFK's critics say? (JFK: Military) What did these changes allow the US to do? (The Camelot Years) How did the Kennedy's impact the public? (Cuba: The Bay of Pigs) What did Eisenhower give the CIA permission to do in March 1960? (Election of 1960: Television) How did Nixon underestimate JFK? (The Camelot Years) Why did the press love JFK? Although these questions were not used in the PISA 2000, 2003 and 2006 surveys, they are nevertheless illustrative of the kind of question PISA uses. (Election of 1960) Who was JFK's Republican opponent? Cloudflare Ray ID: 5f0e0ec4c9c31793 “May I get the sardines? (Cuba: The Bay of Pigs) How did the Bay of Pigs invasion fail? (Election of 1960: Television) What was Nixon an expert at? Handsome if rather run-down, Havana has a scenic waterfront and is surrounded by fine beaches, an attraction for increasing numbers of visitors from abroad. Name any two examples of fishing equipment used by Santiago? a concrete wall topped with barbed wire that cut Berlin into two. active leadership "to get America moving again". You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. for "losing Cuba" (which Kennedy had once blamed the Republicans for). (Cuba: The Bay of Pigs) How did Kennedy free them? (Berlin: Aftermath) What did Kennedy search for? Tracking the Tropics Nov. 10: Flood risk continues over South Florida as Eta meanders off coast of Cuba - they had not done enough about Soviet threat. the flow of weapons from the Soviet Union to Cuba (including nuclear missiles). (Election of 1960: Civil Rights) What was the second major event of the campaign? (Berlin) What did their most recent confrontation lead to? (Election of 1960: Civil Rights) What happened to Martin Luther King? (Cuba: The Cuban Missile Crisis) What did the US Navy plan to do? Cuba is a multicultural, largely urban nation, although it has only one major city: Havana (La Habana), the capital and commercial hub of the country, on the northwestern coast. (Cuba: The Cuban Dilemma) How much of Cuba's population went into exile? (Cuba: The Cuban Dilemma) How did Castro gain power? Start studying Chapter 20, Section 1: Kennedy and the Cold War. (The Camelot Years) What did Kennedy's inauguration call for? The Declaration of Independence Questions and Answers - Discover the community of teachers, mentors and students just like you … - Eisenhower's administration refused to get involved. - promised exiles they would one day return to a "free Havana". (Cuba: The Cuban Dilemma) Why did Congress erect a trade barrier against Cuban sugar? (Cuba: The Cuban Dilemma) Did the US recognize the new government? (JFK: Military) How did he think the Eisenhower administration had failed during the Cold War? - an air strike failed to knock out the Cuban air force, though the CIA said it succeeded. - Castro broke up commercial farms into communes that would be worked by formerly landless peasants. Elizondo, Sonny. (Election of 1960) How did Nixon hope to win? (Election of 1960) What similarity did both candidates have? heading towards Cuba, and presumably carrying more missiles. Source A also indicates that this view is true, as it shows a Soviet cartoon trying to generate support for Cuba against America, showing that the USSR was genuinely concerned regarding Cuba’s safety. (Election of 1960: Television) Why did people like JFK? Weinbloom, Elizabeth ed. The Project+ Certification Study Guide was designed to help you acquire the knowledge and skills required to manage the project life cycle, ensure appropriate communication, manage resources, and maintain documentation covered in the latest PK0-004 exam objectives and is packed with informative and accessible content. Find out about the series and its components, and view a full list of Readers. quarantine Cuba and prevent the ships from coming within 500 miles of it. they would trigger an all-out attack on the Soviet Union. give up US access to West Berlin (which infuriated Khrushchev). a new era of grace, elegance, and wit at the White House. (Cuba: The Cuban Missile Crisis) What did Khrushchev offer to do days later? (Cuba: The Cuban Missile Crisis) How many troops waited in Florida? - McGeorge Bundy, a Harvard University dean and national security adviser. The final section shows all the answers, along with … about 2 weeks after Kennedy took office, Eisenhower cut off diplomatic relations with Cuba because of revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, who declared himself a communist and accepted aid from the Soviet Union. (JFK: Military) What policy had the Eisenhower administration relied on? Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. (Berlin: Aftermath) What did the hot line do? the first televised debate between presidential candidates (Kennedy vs. Nixon). over 100 writers, artists, and scientists, including opera singer Marian Anderson who had been barred from singing at Constitution Hall because she was black. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. proving to Khrushchev his determination to contain communism. when Soviet ships stopped suddenly to avoid a confrontation at sea. (Cuba: The Bay of Pigs) When did JFK learn of the plan? helped him secure the votes of the African American community, who would help him carry key states in the Midwest and South. (Cuba: The Cuban Dilemma) What worsened relations between the US and Cuba? (The Camelot Years) Who attended his inauguration? a guerilla movement to overthrow dictator Fulgencio Batista. an agreement was made that allowed Cubans to join relatives in the US. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. (Cuba: The Cuban Missile Crisis) How did the crisis effect Khrushchev? Name any two examples of fishing equipment used by Santiago? (Cuba: The Bay of Pigs) What did Kennedy say in a speech in Miami? (Cuba: The Cuban Missile Crisis) What was the first break in the crisis? (JFK: Military) What did Kennedy believe was his most urgent task? (Cuba: The Cuban Missile Crisis) What did photographs taken on October 14 by American planes reveal? (Cuba: The Cuban Missile Crisis) What did JFK say he would do if Cuba launched a missile? he did not want to threaten to use nuclear arms over a minor conflict. (Election of 1960: Television) When did it take place? (Cuba: The Cuban Missile Crisis) What did many Cuban exiles switch their allegiance to? The Ernest Hemingway Collection at the John F. Kennedy Library, Gregorio Fuentes: The Inspiration for the Character of Santiago, Read the Study Guide for The Old Man and the Sea…, A Different Outlook on Christian Symbolism in Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, Chasing Fish: Comparing The Ultimate Goals Found in "The Old Man and The Sea" And "Dances with Wolves", View our essays for The Old Man and the Sea…, View the lesson plan for The Old Man and the Sea…, View Wikipedia Entries for The Old Man and the Sea….

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