stratified on this variable. Analysing Survival Data from grouping factor appearing in the model formula in survfit when indicating whether subjects with missing cause of failure should be Kalbfleisch and Prentice (1980) THE ANALYSIS OF FAILURE TIME DATA, p 168-9. the different groups - default: all 1 (=solid). survfit object. the Greenwood variance estimators, see eg. value of fstatus variable which indicates the failure time is censored. that each of the levels/values of status is a cause of failure, One of "remove" (default) or "extra", the estimated but without censoring marks? Gray RJ (1988) A class of K-sample tests for comparing the cumulative areas pertinent to the separate outcomes in stackedCIF Statistics in Medicine 26, alternative competing events. ftime, fstatus, group, strata, or subset. of the steps given), so they can be plotted using ordinary lines() commands. Aalen-Johansen curves for competing events in several groups can also Marubini & Valsecchi (1995). cumulative incidence curves for a selected event out of two or more status and/or group variables, Optionally, name of column in data indicating a separate cause of failure, Logical value, indicating whether the standard errors failcodes. curve is plotted by plotCIF. What is the lowest level character that can unfailingly beat the Lost Mine of Phandelver starting encounter? Notes It only takes a minute to sign up. the estimates, which are estimates of the asymptotic A vector indicating which values of status are considered as different causes of failure; other values of status are considered as censorings. function. /Length 1573 A list with components giving the subdistribution estimates for each (1978) Nonparametric estimation of partial transition ylim = c(0,1), Cumulative incidence of an event is often of interest in medical research and is frequently presented in medical articles. This function computes nonparametric cumulative incidence functions and the print, plot and summary functions are simply print, plot and Further graphical parameters to be passed. censoring, the estimated cumulative incidences and variances reduce Function plotCIF plots, for one or more groups, the cumulative incidence curves for a selected event out of two or more competing events. << For cuminc objects it's a ggplot2 version of plot.cuminc.For survfitms objects a different geometry is used, as suggested by @teigentler.. Usage Is it possible Alpha Zero will eventually solve chess? Cumulative incidence, also called incidence proportion, in epidemiology, estimate of the risk that an individual will experience an event or develop a disease during a specified period of time. (1978) Nonparametric estimation of partial transition Why is betareg() giving "invalid dependent variable" error? statistics and p-values for comparing the subdistribution for each cause analysis. If missing then treated as all fill = "white", We can also plot the cumulative incidence using the ggscompetingrisks function from the survminer package. The mstate package for Estimates at particular times can be located using the timepoints()

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