Im secretly batman= Add a photo to this gallery 1 Introduction 1.1 The Avengers 2 Captain America 3 Iron Man 4 Hulk 5 Thor 6 Spider-Man 7 Scarlet Witch 8 Captain Marvel 9 Doctor Strange 10 Black Panther 11 Hawkeye 12 Black Widow 13 Vision 14 Darkseid 15 Intermission 16 DEATH BATTLE! Sheraz at @SherazFarooqi_ on all platforms. He’s taken serious shots from the likes of Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and of course Superman, but barely ever shows any scratches from these fights. Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! A one-stop shop for all things video games. I don't Thor has any defenses against TP. DS at his strongest is PC right ill go with him. When the Midgard Surpent wrapped itself around the earth (2 times) Thor actually lifted it up. Wiz: Spider-Man is strong enough to lift the Daily Bugle which weighs more than 4 tons! Darkseid was created in 1971 by comics legend Jack Kirby and directly influenced Jim Starlin in designing Thanos two years later. Give them time to prepare and Thor hilariously loses, because like Superman - they are both major pussies to magic. I mean, you've never fallen asleep on the crapper ? Wiz: Hulk has a "Thunder Clap" that creates a massive shock wave that destroys everything in his path. Wiz: Tony's suit is very powerful but it's not his only suit. Thor does not usually go all out like that, he actually half asses it quite often in order to either enjoy the fight, or not hurt the enemy. But sadly after the heroes heroic deed is done, his powers leave him making him regular Spider-Man. His IQ is 195! When he arrived back in New York, he became the Superhero, Iron Man. However, it’s outstripped in power by the Infinity Gauntlet, which we all know is capable of turning all kinds of realities away. Darkseid vs Thor # Darkseid Even when Thor had the power stone base level Thanos defeated him. 77 comments. Odin conquered Thanos and Surfer at the same time with relative ease. Boomstick: He's also got the Hulkbuster, which you guessed it, was designed to fight marvels big green behemoth the Hulk. He also has near superhuman speed being able to run at 200mph. Boomstick: He also has a really overpowered Spider-Sense that warns him when danger is coming. But while Thanos has resources, Darkseid is arguably the most resourceful person in the Galaxy. Pre Crisis Darkseid. Before he could turn his own mentor in, he was left for dead, allowing his old mentor to escape town. But who would win an all-out brawl? Wiz: This increases his strength to be able to fight someone who can lift a 150 billion ton mountain!!! Boomstick: SPIDER-MAN, SPIDER-MAN DOES WHATEVER A SPIDER CAN! Wiz: Bruce Banner grew up with a very successful scientist as a father. Wiz: And Darkseid, the greatest villian of the Justice League. You may have to register Darkseid can win this 9/10 times, but every time Thor is going to make him pay; it might cost Darkseid a favorite ally, or 1,000 parademons, or 1/2 of Apokolypse, but he's not getting this win for free, and really that's the best you can do against Darkseid. He was so crazy that he killed Bruce's mother!!!! For those who don’t know: Darkseid is the character that led to the creation of Thanos, making the former the original figure of warlord dominance in comic books. Darkseid at his strongest would be the Soulfire version that bound the Source. we'd have a new president people. Wiz: Thor also wears the Belt of Megingjord that doubles his already impressively strength and stamina! In his pursuits against the Justice League, Darkseid has lost more conquests than he’s won. I think it would be a pretty epic battle. save hide report. We just can’t see Thanos being able to give the likes of Superman, Flash, and Wonder Woman a hard time. But Thor doesn't really need his Hammer or belt because he can already blast lightning and cause hurricanes just by breathing really hard without his Arsenal! Also I don't see Thor holding back like he does with mortals. He can also hurt Rhino & Hulk! But there’s the fact that Thanos is being compared to a guy who slaps Superman around. Add to that, Darkseid commands several generals like Steppenwolf, Big Barda, Kalibak, among others, whose personal physiologies themselves are equivalent to armies. Darkseid is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Thor using OF was able to bring all of Asgaard back, a pretty impressive feat by all standards. Which I think is too much of an argument here. DS can't do that as long as Thor possesses OF. Darkseid vs Thor # Darkseid I see, A battle of 2 of the most ******* annoyingly W*nked characters, on one side we have Darkseid, a being that was stated to solo marvel and is outerversal which is BS, On the other, we see @SirSpidey has 19 alt accounts. Man! It might look like nothing but it is very powerful. The suit can even rebuild itself with nano-technology! Thanos Vs Darkseid: Who Is Really Stronger? This guy is quite powerful. Wiz: Tony has an EMP blast which shuts down electronic devices. Being able to withstand punishment from beings of enormous power is an even more useful ability than super strength, and here we just can’t decide who’s the better one. Thanos’ age has never been accurately specified, with the generally accepted figure being around 1,000 years of age. He can use J.A.R.V.I.S to call the Iron Legion, an AI operated group of Tony's suits. Boomstick: A shield? Wiz: Iron Man will get all of his suits, like Godkiller and Galactus Buster. Thor is getting his Rune King form. Boomstick: The suit also can fly at Mach 10!!! Odin used it to trap Surtur within his own body, becoming a living prison for the fire Elemental. RELATED: Marvel: Dark Spider-Man Villains, Ranked From Lamest To Coolest. It means Darkseid isn't winning this. Marvel's Blade is Not A Superhero, And He Knows It, Flash Created A New Element Just Like Marvel’s Iron Man, X-Men: The Dark Secret of 'X of Swords' Finally Revealed, Demon Slayer: Mitsuri Kanroji Proves Love Is The Strongest Weapon, Captain Marvel's Cat Can Summon An Entire Army, Superman’s Most Annoying Enemy Exists in Marvel's Universe, Too. Boomstick: Because putting an alien on your body is smart... Wiz: Anyway,the suit can absorb electromagnetic fields and make himself more powerful! Boomstick: But he's still one of the smartest men on earth. Thanos has no chance of matching Darkseid in terms of experience, which means he just doesn’t know the numbers of tricks, warmongering, and sadism levels that Darkseid has achieved. It's made of a mixture of a Symbiote and liquid metal which he can summon telekinetikly.

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