Fellow food manufacturer Nestle meanwhile told UNILAD they were astounded that cereal with water is a thing. is especially suitable if you suffer from lactose intolerance, have dietary While there seems to be no reason to disrespect cereal like this, u/DubitablyIndubitable responded to comments by saying that he "[doesn't] like milk and cereal is dry. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Highest-paid Quarterback Ever, Some of the medications being evaluated are newly developed compounds, while others have already been approved and available as treatments for other illnesses. Because there's a difference…”, The cereal-offender replied: “My favourites are Fruit Loops and Cheerios.”, Another asked: “Do you drink the water afterwards?”. you've taken a single bite. 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Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. This was compounded by the fact that he admitted he doesn't even drink the cereal water (two words that shouldn't be together), the same way you would drink the leftover cereal milk in the bowl. Your email address will not be published. Programmatically Send Calendar Invite, My friends crucified me when I told them this…so for this reason I am coming here in search of others who share my beliefs of water being better than milk. He explained that he tends to pour the cereal before dousing it in water. "I am a true believer that cereal with water is better," redditor DubitablyIndubitable wrote in the unpopular opinion subreddit. Sometimes I eat Weetabix, Cornflakes, Bran Flakes, Readybrek or Shredded Wheat with hot water instead of milk. The taste of milk conflicts with the taste of the cereal, whereas water does not. Many have been left scratching their heads over the bizarre concoction. So if you are hoping to avoid cow’s milk. To be fair to him, his reasoning does kinda make sense: I am a true believer that cereal with water is better. Apple Jacks, It shows him digging into a bowl of hoop-shaped cereal doused in water. “The taste of milk conflicts with the taste of cereal, whereas water does not.” The unnamed man admitted his friends “crucified” him over his preference. Although the experts at Nestle don’t recommend it, I am interested to see if it does work so will be having water with my multigrain hoops tomorrow morning. One person said: “You legitimately disgust me.”, Another stated: “I would rather be tortured than drink swampy fruit loop water.”, “This has to be, by far, the most unpopular opinion in the world," another person added. With water? In just two days it has got nearly 6000 comments and more than 67,000 likes. The taste of milk conflicts with the taste of the cereal, whereas water does not. But one user agreed, stating: “This is awesome.”. CEREAL-OFFENDER: The man left people horrified (Pic: REDDIT), BIZARRE: The man caused outrage with his serving suggestion (Pic: GETTY), Subscribe to Daily Star and Daily Star On Sunday newspapers, Home cook's recipe for roast potato bites sends foodies into a frenzy, Sam Richards, 22, from Bournemouth, Dorset, posted the recipe for his delicious, golden roast potato bites on Facebook. The user explained: 'I am a true believer that cereal with water is better. Proof Of Guardianship Letter Sample, That's how horrible OP is.'. A Little More Summertime Video, The taste of miwk confwicts with the taste of the ceweaw, wheweas watew does not. does not ruin the taste of cereal. This subreddit was made to archive copypasta. Others said the idea made them want to 'puke', and some even wrote that it was the most unpopular opinion to ever grace the Reddit forum. Cannonball Tv Show 2020 Location, Italian Boys Names, × 0. I am a true believer that cereal with water is better. If you would like to be placed into our database and be notified of any current or future trials we may be in a position to conduct, please provide us with your contact information and what type(s) of indication(s) you might be interested in participating in or learning more about. When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. and join one of thousands of communities. Gatineau Real Estate Market 2019, The majority of the replies are people taken aback by the idea, writing comments such as ‘you disgust me’ and ‘you’re not human’. due to TV rivalry. Facebook Code Generator Bypass 2019, He captioned it: "I am a true believer that cereal with water is better. top, and start eating. Eating cereal with water is better than with milk from unpopularopinion. The Reddit user shared a video of his unlikely breakfast meal online, as other users branded it 'disgusting'. But as a compulsive cereal eater—she eats two bowls a sitting, both at breakfast and for afternoon snacks—all that milk intake was too much. UNILAD spoke to DubitablyIndubitable in an attempt to understand more about his thinking, and why he decided to try out the unusual combination in the first place. Eating cereal with water is better than with milk, I am a true believer that cereal with water is better. 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