Franks conquer the Visigoths in southern regions of France.

In History. The fraternal kings, however, showed only intermittent signs of friendship and were often in rivalry. Having achieved great successes against the Frisians, Pepin turned towards the Alemanni. The geography and number of subkingdoms varied over time, but the term Francia eventually came to refer to just one regnum, that of Austrasia, centered on the Rhine river.

843 - The Frankish Empire is divided between Charlemagne's sons creating regions that would later become the kingdoms of France and Germany. Rome falls The Roman Empire has been split into two sections. Although Jovinus was dead by 413, the Romans could no longer manage the Franks within their borders. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'newworldencyclopedia_org-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_6',169,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'newworldencyclopedia_org-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_7',169,'0','1'])); Shortly before his death in October 741, Charles divided the realm as if he were king between his two sons by his first wife, marginalizing his younger son Grifo, who did receive a small portion (it is unknown exactly what). What was a loose confederacy of kingdoms and of petty states evolved, over the years, into a single entity, whose borders after centuries of competing for territory with others became those of the nation-state of France.
From the tenth century, East Francia became also known as regnum Teutonicum ("Teutonic kingdom" or "Kingdom of Germany"), a term that became prevalent in Salian times.

It was because of the alliance against the Arabs that Charles was unable to support Pope Gregory III against the Lombards.

1415 - The English defeat the French at the Battle of Agincourt. On Christmas Day, 800, Pope Leo III crowned Charles as "Emperor of the Romans" in Rome in a ceremony presented as a surprise (Charlemagne did not wish to be indebted to the bishop of Rome), a further papal move in the series of symbolic gestures that had been defining the mutual roles of papal auctoritas and imperial potestas. Clovis eventually converts to Christianity.
Pepin's position was further stabilized and the path was laid for his assumption of the crown in 751. Quashing the rebellion incorporated Bavaria into Charles' kingdom. Kings and warlords ultimately either turned back the invaders, as Otto I did in 955, or absorbed them into their territories, as the kings of West Francia did with the Vikings in Normandy. Credit is due under the terms of this license that can reference both the New World Encyclopedia contributors and the selfless volunteer contributors of the Wikimedia Foundation. During the centuries of conflict and competition for territory, French identity solidified, becoming a source of pride. 1793 - King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette are executed by guillotine. Immediately after his victory, Chlothar II promulgated the Edict of Paris (614), which has generally been viewed as a concession to the nobility, though this view has come under recent criticism. 1914 - World War I begins. The Carolingians had assumed the regal status and practice, though not the regal title, of the Merovingians. The eldest son, Charibert I, inherited the kingdom with its capital at Paris and ruled all of western Gaul. The divisions within the Frankish empire impaired its ability to resist the Viking and Hungarian invasions but did not destroy it. 1500s - A time of peace and prosperity for France. When Guntram died in 592, Burgundy went to Childebert in its entirety, but he died in 595. 260 - The Gallic Empire is founded by Postumus. However, the legacy of empire within Europe contributed to Napoleon Bonaparte's ambition to extend the borders of France throughout the world and also to the creation of the French colonial empire. Though Charlemagne, in deference to Byzantine outrage, preferred the title "Emperor, king of the Franks and Lombards," the ceremony formally acknowledged the Frankish Empire as the successor of the (Western) Roman one (although only the forged "Donation" gave the pope political authority to do this), thus triggering a series of disputes with the Byzantines around the Roman name. Clovis Begins his rule Clovis chosen king of Franks at age 16. After the Frankish conquest of Septimania and Catalonia, those regions which had formerly been under Gothic control continued to utilize the Visigothic law code. Chlothar thus granted that his son Dagobert I would be their king and he was duly acclaimed by the Austrasian warriors in the traditional fashion.

At this point, West Francia was composed of Neustria in the west and in the east by Francia proper, the region between the Meuse and the Seine. The king lost the support of many magnates while on campaign and the weakness of the monarchic institutions by that time are evident in his inability to effectively make war without the support of the magnates; in fact, he could not even provide his own bodyguard without the loyal aid of Grimoald and Adalgisel. Warnachar was himself already the mayor of the palace of Austrasia, while Rado and Pepin were to find themselves rewarded with mayoral offices after Chlothar's coup succeeded and Brunhilda and the ten-year old king were killed. By the end of his life, he ruled all of Gaul save the Gothic province of Septimania and the Burgundian kingdom in the southeast. 1608 - French explorer Samuel de Champlain founds Quebec City in the New World. The Carolingians were restored ten years later in West Francia, and ruled until 987, when the last Frankish King, Louis V, died. France is invaded by Germany.

This not only added to the royal fisc, but also drastically reduced the power and influence of the Agilolfings (Tassilo's family), another leading family among the Franks and potential rivals. 1804 - Napoleon is crowned Emperor of France. 1992 - France signs the Maastricht Treaty creating the European Union. Interestingly, some Franks held their status both within the Frankish and the Roman hierarchy, such as King Mallobaudes, who had a long military career in the Roman army and is also described as a king of … It corresponded to the southern half of the old Roman province of Aquitaine and its capital was at Toulouse. During the early period Frankish law was preserved by the rachimburgs, officials trained to remember it and pass it on. During this period Francia took on the tripartite character it was to have throughout the rest of its history, being composed of Neustria, Austrasia, and Burgundy. Peasants and their lords might not have seen themselves as equal but the notion did develop that all people were nonetheless equally entitled to certain rights (such as a fair trial.). Dec 31, 843. 505: War between Byzantine Empire and Persia ends. Though Sidonius Apollinaris relates that Flavius Aëtius fought the Franks and temporarily drove them back (c. 431), this period marks the beginning of a situation that would endure for many centuries: the Germanic Franks ruled over an increasing number of Gallo-Roman subjects. 1618 - The start of the Thirty Years' War. Charles had fully emerged as the leader of Western Christendom, and his patronage of monastic centers of learning gave rise to the "Carolingian Renaissance" of literate culture. Death of Clovis; the Frankish Empire divided into four parts to be ruled by each of the four sons according to the practice of partible succession. 400s- Other tribes enter the area and take over different areas including the Visigoths, Vandals, and the Burgundians.

The Ottonians later resurrected this connection in 962.

122 - Southeastern France (called Provence) is taken over by the Roman Republic. Goes to war against the Lombards and comes to aid of the pope.

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