Just a small sprinkle in the morning and evening is more than enough. They’ve also been specifically designed to help improve your bettas color. By simply soaking it in this solution for about 15 minutes before feeding it to your betta it will a) pre-expand the food and b) allow it to soak in beneficial nutrients. Nintendo Switch Console - Neon with improved battery. Betta Fish Spitting Food Out (Why It Happens), Best Live Food For Betta Fish (A Comprehensive List), Ultimate Betta Fish Tank Setup Guide (Step By Step), Constipation In Betta Fish (Complete Guide), Betta Fish Tumor Guide (Can You Save Them?). On the flip side though, in some cases, your betta won’t eat pellets because they’re too big or he just doesn’t like them. Do you go for living, frozen or freeze-dried? When you’re out looking for food, it’s important for you to know how to find food that’s going to help your betta stay strong. While pellets, flakes, and freeze-dried food can all be found on the internet, you’ll have to go to the shop to buy live food. They’re usually written somewhere on the food packaging. In the same way that if you put an infected fish into an aquarium, the infection can spread to all the other fish, the same can happen with living food. Earnings Disclosure & Privacy Policy, Boyd Enterprises “Vita Chem” for freshwater. You can try picking them out by hand (bloodworm are harmless) or netting them. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s appropriate for a betta fish. This is a living food that looks like a liquid. You can use freeze-dried food as a staple part of your betta’s diet, in combination with pellets to make sure your betta is getting all the nutrients he needs. And even if you can buy it off the internet, it’s going to be more expensive. And it’s not just the fact that they’re not as nutritional. The more basic your bettas ingredients are the more likely it is it’s going to be beneficial for him. As well as generally being higher quality than flakes they also have the added benefit of looking more natural to your betta. If it’s frozen food he’s spitting out then you may need to make sure it’s fully defrosted before giving it to him. The pea works as a laxative and clear a betta’s gut. This is one of the reasons it’s so important to pick food specifically designed for your betta over generic tropical fish food (which in most cases has been made for omnivores). As well as using betta pellets you can also use betta flakes. While some bettas don’t like these, others prefer them. Because it’s ‘living’ it can harbour disease or parasites. In the wild, bloodworm grow in ponds, puddles, pools or any stagnant, shaded bodies of water. You can buy brine shrimp eggs online or a fish store may sell them. There are so many different pellets you can choose from it can be hard to know what the best betta food pellets are. To grow your own, first you’ll need to acquire some daphnia / water-flea eggs. Their digestive tracks are short which is a classic sign of a carnivore. And on top of containing so much crude protein, because they are made from salmon they also contain lots of nutrients that will improve your betta’s color! If you notice extremely long words in the ingredients and you have no idea what they are, then you should avoid feeding your betta that food. © 2020 Bettaboxx. Some bettas will happily consume more than 1.8 grams, and you do not need to strictly adhere to this number, but it’s a good amount (as a rule of thumb) to aim for in order to maintain the health of the fish. (Learn more about bloodworms for betta fish, or daphnia for betta fish.) Simply fill the bucket with de-chlorinated water or rainwater and leave to stand for 2 days before adding the eggs. If you are planning on maintaining them for a long time, do an 80% water change of their container every 2 to 3 weeks. A betta can live purely on live foods but not purely on pellets. Frozen Food. Not only is a balanced diet going to be better for your bettas health. Salmon is packed full of protein as well as other beneficial nutrients that your betta needs. Instead, cut the cube into quarters. If you planned on letting your betta live off plants in the tank then you should know this is the worst thing you can do for them. As the fry grows, you can feed them gradually larger portions. We recommend the twice-a-day feed as it’ll keep your betta that little bit more happy and stimulated. Granted there’s probably some meat in there, but there’s also going to be a lot of fillers. The flies lay their eggs in the water, which hatch into bloodworm (the stage they are used to feed fish). Remember when choosing the food you shouldn’t choose anything that has below 30% crude protein. Dried or freeze-dried versions (for example, freeze-dried bloodworm) is good, but shouldn’t be used to regularly feed your betta. If you do decide to feed your betta freeze-dried food, you should first soak it in some aquarium water with an aquatics multivitamin (or any vitamin solution for fish). While you may think that’s a lot to get in, high-quality foods provide all of this, so you don’t have to worry too much! Even with the fillers they still pack massive amounts of crude protein (44%) and crude fat (12%). If you can’t get your hands on tetra tropical betta crisps then these are your next best option! This is another good reason to give your betta live food as much as possible compared to dried food or pellets. It may also have trouble swimming – sometimes overfeeding can cause swim bladder disorder (SBD). In this guide not only are you going to find out what the best food for your betta is, but you’re also going to learn why it’s SO important that you take care when feeding your fish! Words of Caution on Live and Fresh Frozen Betta Food. Pellets also sit on the surface of the water, but they look more like insects. It may have been brought up time and time again in this article, but when you’re choosing food for your betta you need to make sure that it’s high in crude protein. This ‘live food’ is available in three different forms: living, frozen, or freeze-dried. If you think your fish has got SBD from overfeeding, don’t worry too much. It’s also full of moisture which is going to help aid in your bettas digestion. Simply catch them with a net to feed them to your fish, but don’t catch all of them at once if you want them to reproduce. Leave this to mix and add the aerator to the container. Once again, another good way to avoid fillers is to check the ingredients. A good way of mimicking this at home is by simply filling a bucket up with natural / de-chlorinated water, then adding dead leaves / soil so it sits at the bottom of the water in the bucket. Unfortunately, they are high in fat, and too many bloodworms will have a negative effect on your betta’s health. Living food should therefore only be purchased from a reliable source/farm. The hatched daphnia will breed with each other over time once hatched. With that being said though, once again they do also contain small amounts of filler. As well as a lot of crude protein they also contain plenty of fat and fiber too. (Have you ever wondered whether bettas can eat goldfish food?). View basket for details. Freeze-dried food is not the same as frozen food. Of course, you want to make sure there’s a good amount of crude protein, however, you should also make sure that all the ingredients are natural, and when possible have low amounts of plant matter in them. They have much fewer fillers than other pellets and they also contain 40% crude protein! To top it all off, they’re also the least like your bettas natural diet, so if he’s fussy he may avoid eating them. Live foods are also a little bit riskier due to the risk of parasite infections. Keep reading to find out the best food for betta fish! Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. A betta might not always eat the pea, but keep trying until he or she does. While bettas are hardy fish, they’re not invincible. This is a good way to feed your betta. This means that they can be a little bit harder for your betta to digest. Something went wrong. It’s very important to give your betta a varied diet in order to keep it happy. It shouldn’t take that long for the daphnia to grow (2 weeks, max). It mainly consists of insects and small invertebrate. Living or frozen foods are the best option for your fish — at least one of these will usually be sold in any good fish/pet store. But why, you surely must be asking? Even so, there’s no 100% guarantee that it won’t be carrying anything, so bear this in mind if you do decide to feed your betta living food. On top of being great for your betta, these flakes don’t disintegrate in your tank which means cleaning them up is a breeze. Simply catch the brine shrimp you want to feed to your betta within   a net, or you can just use your hand – brine shrimp are harmless. You’ll need to grab some aquarium salt or salt without iodine. It may seem a bit redundant referring to live food as being living, but it’s so we can easily distinguish between the three different forms, which we’ll now look at in more detail. While your betta is going to get all the nutrients he needs from eating frozen food, unfortunately, he won’t be able to hunt like he can with live food. Constipation or digestive blockage won’t always occur due to overfeeding; it may be due to a poor diet. Live food is the most nutritional for your betta as it’s what he would eat in his natural habitat. It’s worth noting that a pea doesn’t need to be a regular part of your betta’s diet and you may only wish to feed it a pea if you think the fish is constipated. First of all, it’s more expensive than anything else on the list. While it may be tempting to buy cheap or low-quality food for your betta, in the long run, it’s going to cost you a lot more money. Once the symptoms seemed to have dissipated, continue normal feeding. Once contracted, tuberculosis is fatal for a betta. So check it out! Frozen food is a great alternative to live food as it contains all of the nutrients, but isn’t as expensive. While they still contain fillers, the amount they have is a lot less than many other flake foods. It’s a good practice to feed a betta one whole portion once a day, or two half portions twice a day. Bettas are normally quite gutty fish, so if he’s not eating anything then it may mean there’s something wrong.

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