Check out Chapter 2 in our Climate Action Toolkit. 34. Party Branches should not raise funds on their own without permission, for example by soliciting advertisements for a souvenir magazine or a carnival. If you’re unsure about the content of the letter, a great place to start is one of the Climate Council’s reports. If other MPs are also raising the issue, this demonstrates that there is community concern for the issue. Separate your public political position from your private, professional or business interests. 4. A lengthy message that covers lots of unrelated topics is more likely to be overlooked. 6. Keen to discover other ways you can use the power of your voice? Provide your contact details so the MP can respond. For more detail on how we collect, store and use your information, please read our privacy policy. At all times be seen to be beyond the influence of gifts or favours. Though it may be awkward to refuse such requests, once you accept one, you will be hard-pressed to draw a line. 37. In your opening sentence, mention that you are a constituent (a voter!). For example, you could share how you’ve been impacted by the drought or bushfires, which are intensifying as a result of climate change. Last updated on 24 December 2018, Letter from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to PAP MPs on Rules of Prudence, PM Lee Hsien Loong to attend the 37th Asean Summit and Related Summits, Minister Edwin Tong Appointed to Lead the Chinese Community Liaison Group, SM Teo Chee Hean’s Opening Address at the Global Compact Network Singapore CEO Roundtable. If your MP has made any positive steps in this area, you can thank them for the action they have already taken. Make every effort to familiarise yourself with the business, track record and background of the key promoters of the company. c.         Do you have sufficient industry, financial or professional expertise to fulfil your expected role and responsibilities as a Director? To bring about change, you need facts and anecdotes about the issue, but ultimately, you need action. Conduct your business activities so as to bring credit to yourself and to the Party. 11. The more people who contact their local MP on a given topic (e.g. Be clear on what action you want your MP to take. a Family Day or Walk-A-Jog, you must follow the rules strictly. Clearly state the facts that highlight the need for urgent further action. Environment Minister or Energy Minister). For information about the specific issues check ou… Our reports are packed with quick and reliable information about climate change, extreme weather impacts, climate solutions and energy policy. If you are offered a Directorship, you have to decide for yourself whether to accept. 7. Speaking about the issue in Parliament to raise awareness of the issue. Want to push for climate action at all levels of government? At all public functions and constituency events, punctuality is of paramount importance. Bringing up pertinent issues and questions in a timely manner helps ministers to put across the facts, explain the reasons for policies and decisions, and maintain public confidence in the openness and integrity of our actions. If you intend to raise funds, please clear it beforehand with the Organising Secretary. There is neither tenure nor job security in politics. This would be not only a potential source of personal embarrassment, but also a weakness which may expose you to pressure or blackmail. Detailed reporting requirements are listed in the Annex. In contrast; a concise and focused letter can be a powerful one. 23. Bills Introduced Your honest, informed views are an important political input to Ministers when they formulate and review policies. 8. MPs are often invited to serve on the Boards of private and publicly listed companies. One vital factor that has enabled the PAP to retain the trust of Singaporeans all these years is honesty and integrity. Our MPs are there to listen to the views of the public, understand your perspective, and represent you in Parliament. We'll send you alerts to take action on important campaigns and give you access to our latest research, fresh off the press. Next time, you would. As a general rule, MPs should be addressed ‘Mr/Mrs/Dr/Ms, first name initial, last name, MP’. As MPs, you should manage your personal financial affairs prudently. The people have endorsed what we have done in the previous term, and given us a clear mandate to take Singapore forward beyond SG50. You can also emphasise that others within your electorate care about this issue as well. 3. You should not accept directorships where your role is just to dress up the board with a PAP MP or two, in order to make the company look more respectable. MPs who are employed by companies or industry associations may at times have to make public statements on behalf of their company or industry association. Our Lord Howe Island fundraising trip: help us reach our goal! It’s important to explain why the issue is important to you. New MPs can pick up the dos and don’ts from older MPs. Letters should be no longer than one page and should be about one issue only. During debates, speak freely and with conviction. As MPs, always remember we are servants of the people, not masters. For example: Politicians who have been or are government ministers will have the title “The Honourable” prefixing their name. 27. Wait one month, then call your MP’s office to remind them of your letter and ask when you may expect a response. Do you know your fellow directors, the way the Board and its committees fulfil their responsibilities, the reporting structure between Board and Management and the relationship between shareholders and the company? Please click the links on the right to access the various Parliamentary Business items. Registered Charity Number: ACN 165 914 303, Victoria, We're Ready to Get You Back to Work, Good on ya, NSW! As one of their constituents, your opinion holds a lot of weight, as based on your vote, they will win or lose elections. Parliamentary Secretaries and Ministers of State who intervene in their Ministries to reverse or alter decisions should promptly report the matter to their Ministers to protect themselves against possible accusations of misconduct. You can do this by including a relevant personal anecdote or experience. When your branch embarks on a collective fund-raising activity, e.g. Be both persistent and polite. Seating Plan. The PAP has held our position in successive elections because our integrity has never been in doubt, and because we are sensitive to the views and attitudes of the people we represent. Please click the links on the right to find out more on MP related information. The Government must always base decisions on the merits of the issues, and cannot yield to pressure from interested parties. As a rule, you should decline invitations to such business events. When u got that response from your MP, you should be kicking yourself for not anticipating it. Adverse publicity on your performance as a director, or lapses in the companies you are associated with, will tarnish your reputation as an MP and lower the public’s regard for the Party. If you wish to keep the gifts, you must pay the Government for them at the valuation price. This will show that you and the Party are in touch with the ground, and speaking up for Singaporeans. You may, however, speak freely to Cabinet Ministers, who are your Parliamentary colleagues. Getting to know the effective protocol and right channels is important. MPs must always uphold the high standards of the Party and not have lifestyles or personal conduct which will embarrass themselves and the Party. For contact details of Staff at the Parliament Secretariat, please click he re. As PAP MPs, your personal standing reflects this high standing of the Party as a whole. Then articulate what else you would like them to do. We must never tire of reminding ourselves of their importance. Make sure you use your MP’s correct title and contact details. You should not solicit for Directorships in any companies, lest you appear to be exploiting your political position to benefit yourself. Do not use Parliamentary questions as a means to lobby the Government on behalf of your businesses or clients. Also let them know that their stance on this issue affects the way you vote. before u meet the MP, you make appointment with his or her secretary first, if your problem is consider too minor for the MP take note, you dun even get to see the MP, and even if your problem is really a huge one, you also have to wait in the Q, by which they will tell you when to come. Satisfy yourself that the company is reputable, and that you are able to make a meaningful contribution. This can be articulated, ‘If you support stronger renewable energy targets, I would like to meet with you so that we can do some local media on the issue’. You should not accept gifts which might place you under obligations which conflict with your public duties.

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