These will light up the three orbs around the UI above. Level 30: Consumes 100 Scroll Power. Absorb up to 4 enemies into the bottle, after which you can reuse the skill key to fire. Deals 80% damage 4 times on up to 6 enemies. If you want to main a Hoyoung or make one that can do hard Bosses, you are going to have to learn the Combos in order to deal max damage. Bottle Suction’s damage is increased by 300%p. Level 20: After using Ground Strike: Earth, you can link either. Cooldown: 6 seconds. Legion Effect. Shared Cash Shop. Increases the defense ignored by Humanity: As-You-Will Fan, Ground-Shattering Wave skills, Iron Fan Gale skills, Stone Tremor skills, Consuming Flames skills, and Humanity: Gold-Banded Cudgel. Master the inner workings of your techniques. Bravado. Cooldown: 2 hours. Lv. Master level 1: I forgot what the description was. Cooldown: 200 seconds. ©2020 NEXON Korea Corporation and NEXON America Inc. All Rights Reserved, Hoyoung skills have a lot of reach and coverage so test out for yourself what a good rotation is. Level 1: Summon duration time increased by 10%. Lv. 5: Abnormal Status Resistance: +30, All Elemental Resistance: +30%, Restores 3% of Max HP and Max MP after completing attribute combo stage 3. If you reuse the skill, the vortex will disappear and you will heal your party members’ HP and MP by 5% per essence. Collect Erda from within yourself and from the surrounding area and use it to shoot down enemies. Calls upon the gods of an unknown place and time. When you Share your Link Skill, both characters will gain the effect of the Link Skill. Link Skill: +5%|10% Defense Ignore, +9%|14% damage when you attack an enemy that has 100% HP. Mercedes You always want to try and keep these up or in use, while training. You faced a great trial and gained the power to summon the Nimbus Cloud. Love this site and Ayumi itself and I would love to see this build on! Sometimes Link Skills may have different effects for the character with the linked version. Right Click to Lock Command BEST INNER ABILITY: Attack +30, Boss Damage +20% Lv. Reactivation cooldown: 3 seconds. While the skill is being used, you can press the skill key again with the forward arrow key to ride the wave and rush forwards, linking with Ground Wave: Real. All attacks have a 3.5 second reactivation cooldown. Uses MP to increase the attack speed of your Ritual Fan for a short time. Does not stack with Hyper Body. uhhhhhhh... Did I beat MSEA's release time? (level 19 required for the 4th job skill Enlightenment). If you achieve Attribute Link stage 3, it will activate a roar every few seconds that deals 700% damage 4 times. Fan Smash: Human’s damage is increased by 170%p. If Clone Attack hits an enemy with Damage Reflect, you will not take damage. Level 9: 20 jump. Ho Young’s playstyle involves using skills with different attributes as well as two special resources. Level 1: Consumes 30 MP. Attacking boss monsters absorb 3 times the energy. Returning to Cheongun Valley. Level 30: 70% Hand Fan mastery, 40 attack, 35% final damage. Skill is not affected by cooldown reset. The Link Skill character can change the recipient character a total of two times every day. Can’t eat boss Monsters, Cooldown: 200 seconds. is a participant in affiliate programs such as BlueStacks and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Level 20: Consumes 100 Charm Power. KMS ver. Level 30: Consumes 100 Scroll Power. Nothing else going on that I feel is more worth my time than slogging through yet another low-level grind?

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