Solo Piano System; How To Crush The Blues; Vocal Accompaniment Mastery; Bill Evans Part 1; Bill Evans Part 2; Complete Christmas Jazz; Secrets To Playing Love Songs; Bonuses. ODdmZmU2NjI2ZTMwM2Q0MDhkZmFhZTM2ZjkyMzYwNjJjODZiNzNkMjg4MTM5 YzdhMDQxZWE1OTA4ZTM0MjgyMGRkMGJhM2RlMTI2OGRlZDZmYzMyNWEzMGU5 This track encapsulates the classic trio sound of Bill Evans with bassist Scott LaFaro and drummer Paul Motian. ODQzMGEwNDEwOTlkNzJjMjg5ZTc2ODVhMWY0Y2FjZWRkZjkxNjMyNjM0NDQ0 The best jazz pianists are as inspiring as ever, but the art of transcribing what players play has really come into its own since the advent of scrolling scores on You Tube, not to mention applications that help with the transcribing. NWNmNGMyNDE5MWUxOTI2ZDY5MDQwZjlmZWNhMjBjY2QzOTg3ZjMwNjFhNDIy © 2020 Jazz Piano School | Jazz Piano School Inc. ® All Rights Reserved. Solo Piano System; How To Crush The Blues; Vocal Accompaniment Mastery; Bill Evans Part 1; Bill Evans Part 2; Complete Christmas Jazz; Secrets To Playing Love Songs; Bonuses. MWIzYzg5M2RmNDc5NWM4YzdiMDE1YmUxOGY0MjgwMjMyNjgxMGExNjRjMDA3 This track from the album of the same name, “Tristeza” (1970) can be seen as a departure from the laid-back and swinging blues from Oscar’s past into a more highly energetic, show-type era which, in the case of this tune, incorporates the trendy Latin influence of the day. ZWMxNGIyMWE1YmFlMmQ1YTBlNTM0Zjg3YWY0NjY0ZGU0NGJiZTBhYjNhNWI4 Flash Cards; Real Book Charts; Practice Workouts ; Practice Tracks; JPS Community; Calendar; Site Updates; … If you believe Wordfence should be allowing you access to this site, please let them know using the steps below so they can investigate why this is happening. This angular melody comes off one of Bill Evans’ first records, “New Jazz Conceptions” (1956). NTE4MDdiYjgzMTRhYzExY2QzZGJmODE0NmM4MDBkN2ViZDhmMWU4Zjc4YmI2 Nzg1ZTFkN2Q4YWEzZjNiYWJmNTU4Y2Q4Mjk1MzY4MTE3YjQ1MDIwZjI0NzRj Brad Mehldau: “It’s All Right with Me” (2011), Mehldau is a powerhouse with Bach always on his mind. Banner image: Thelonious Monk (Wikimedia Commons), Tagged: michael tenzer, art tatum, thelonious monk, chick corea, bill evans, wynton kelly, brad mehldau, jazz, transcription, Around the World in Six Tones: Exploring the Global Phenomenon of Cantonese Music, Stephen Chatman and Mark Takeshi McGregor win at the 2020 Western Canadian Music Awards, Celebrating the Roy Barnett Recital Hall at 10, Introducing Krisztina Szabó, Assistant Professor of Voice and Opera, Ron Cohen Mann listed to CBC’s "30 Hot Canadian Classical Musicians under 30", Emily Liang wins the 2020 Cantonese Lyrics Competition, School of Music faculty and alumni nominated for 2020 Western Canadian Music Awards, Introducing Dr. Leigh VanHandel, Associate Professor of Music Theory, Music students join Faculty of Medicine initiative to support seniors during COVID-19, From Aerosmith to Van Halen: How the UBC School of Music helped shape rock music history, Alumni Making Waves: Solo shows, virtual orchestra, and a lifetime achievement award, Research and Publications: Italian voices in London, The Philosophy of Rhythm, and love songs, New Recordings: A Quinary, A North American Songbook, and more, Beyond the Gates: Juno nominations, new compositions, and Women of the Italian Baroque, Catching Up With Our Students: Awards, scholarships, and tours to Europe and the Philippines, Watch: VO2 max fitness testing for musicians, Applied to the BMUS program? ZjJiZGMzNmVhMTk0YWEzMTlhNWE0ZjRkYzEwZmZkY2NkZmI0ODVkNmIyYmZi NTk2MjA3NDI4MmRmNjVlOTVlNjliM2JiZTI2YTQyOTU3OGJmYTA3ZTkxYTVk NTkyNGNjYWIyMWM4ZjRjNTY5YzZlZWMwZDUzYzVlODQxZGYyNWNiY2E1NDZl Monk was one of the great composers of the era, but here he plays a standard (as only he can).Art Tatum: “Blue Moon” (1955). Bill demonstrates some of his signature triplet ideas as well as the unison repeated note melodies towards the end of the solo with the LH and RH together. MWUwNzM4MDIxMjVjMDc4Yzk2MmE0ZDI5ZDQ2ZWRhNjZkOTI5OWY0N2E1NmU4 OTFlZDFlY2NhNGZjM2QwZWZkMjgzZGRlY2Y0YzIyMzk2ZWRmYjgxOTI0In0= Oscar Peterson’s trio with Ed Thigpen on drums and Ray Brown on Bass plays this classic tune by A.C. Jobim in a swung Latin feel. MWM5OTQ5ODBmNGZjM2ZkZThjYTRiZWYxMzM4NjEyNjY5MjIzMjhkOTMzMTZi If you haven't taken the time to discover what the pianists actually do when they play, you owe it to yourself to do it, and you will be devastated in the best way. This is from the most popular jazz album of all time, Miles Davis’s “Kind of Blue”. Jazz Piano Transcription; Guestbook; Members; This web page contains free piano sheet music of contemporary instrumental popular pieces. New musicans and transcriptions. Studying the jazz vocabulary of your favorite jazz musicians is an incredible way to learn jazz. Georgia On My Mind Autumn Leaves Summertime Beautiful Love Jazz Standard Blues […] Here are some tips ahead of the Dec. 1 deadline, The School of Music supports the UBC Climate Strike, UBC alumni named Hot 30 Under 30 Classical Musicians, Spring award nominations for School of Music faculty and alumni, Meet Dr. T. Patrick Carrabré, UBC School of Music's new director, Alumni Making Waves: Juno Awards, new roles, and Gamelan Bike-Bike, Beyond the Gates: Performances in North America and Asia, a conducting residency, and choral music galore, Research and Publications: Rossini, 'Repeated Borrowing,' and RRC residencies, Catching Up with Our Students: Concerto Competition winners, NYO positions, and student leadership awards, From wearable instruments to 3D-printed violins, Success stories for International Women's Day, The 2019 UBC Concerto Competition winners.

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