Test Idea: Replace the image with a testimonial. You can’t just tell them that something kicks ass and expect them to believe it. The results? Brad Smith is the founder of Codeless, long-form content creators for SaaS companies. You saw the headline above. That’s precisely what Eric Ries did as CTO of his startup IMVU. In our test we offered a “free conversion optimization report”. Does my headline clearly communicate the overall benefit of my product or service? You have to keep in mind that your potential customer has to commit time, effort and possibly even company resources to giving your product a try. Strong horizontal lines – such as the difference between the light grey background and the bright orange section – can cause a visitor to stop reading down the page and completely miss the form. WordStream did a similar test for their AdWords Grader landing page and found the opposite to be true – the long-form version won! When using a landing page as a Landing Page MVP to test your product idea, you should also test different versions of your landing page. Sometimes, the key to maximizing your landing page conversions is streamlining: less is more. Apps follow a similar structure to activate and then onboard new visitors. Via Sandglaz. It’s clear, the typography is gorgeous and the use of whitespace is top notch. In other words, a subheadline like this: Acquisio is an easy to use campaign dashboard that lets you…. Your email address will not be published. Then we featured the 2-3 sentence sub-headline right below the headline: Then we featured a compelling image, and below that we placed our three bullet points horizontally below the image. 1. What’s been your experience? Isolate what you’ll change: focus on your headline, your value proposition, the offer or the call-to-action. Here’s a little inspiration. Once you’ve done all the research and found the right pain point to attack, you need to start planning what you’re actually going to change in the funnel and how will you measure its success. He also cautioned that a larger image can affect the other elements on a page that do have value. His focus is to help customers maximize their conversion optimization metrics. And “length-oriented friction” applies to both the number and layout of form fields, and to the number of steps in an entire checkout process. Reach out if you need help with your conversion rates! The Lean Startup movement has spread like wildfire. Business icons such as Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg are seen as visionary innovators who create great ideas, and then build lasting companies based on these ideas. Here are the elements for a successful Landing Page MVP campaign based on that experiment: Direct marketers know that headlines are super important. Is that really something that prospects are going to be dying to do? If sliders are out, what’s your best bet? Subscribe to our email newsletter for useful tips and guides on improving your conversion. Visual Website Optimizer, for instance, once used long-form copy to communicate the many benefits of their website optimizer tool. Mitigate negative responses to the CTA with these strategic overcorrection methods. Second, the green box that stands out only has a list of features in it. Did it work? Something like this: Get access to powerful webinar and virtual meeting software – free for 30 days. I would test having the form on the same light background of the headline/video to ensure that visitors know that they are connected. Countless investors and founders bet time and millions of dollars into visionary products that nobody wanted to buy. Videos on a landing page can be tough. Get them to tell you exactly who they are. MarketingExperiments - Research-driven optimization, testing, and marketing ideas, During a recent MarketingExperiments Web clinic dedicated to live optimization, one of our audience members submitted his landing page for review and commented …, “[I am] interested in tips and tricks for creating, testing and optimizing landing pages on a WordPress platform.” – Charles. Overthinking leads to worse productivity, less creativity, and exhausted willpower. It doesn’t clearly state a benefit of the product. In this blog post Ries describes testing a new product feature add-on that was appropriate for election season (during the 2004 election that pitted John Kerry against George W. Bush). This means that when people exert more effort to find information or use a website feature, their tendency is to look for other options. Is it worth it or is it too much of a distraction from the CTA? Simply stated: Complex pages confuse us. an idea or if you just want to say hi! Now let’s write a headline that targets that visitor: Never miss an important call again Get a toll-free number and a virtual assistant at one low price. It allows you to offer your product concept on the web, test your product’s value proposition, and see if your product idea is on the right track. What do you think makes for an effective landing page to determine demand for your future MVP? Your headline is your first impression, your opening line in starting a conversation with ideal prospects, and it should also answer the question, “If I am your ideal prospect, then why should I buy from you?” or as Tony described for this particular example, “Why would I get preapproval with you vs. someone else?”. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, How to Create A Landing Page: Steps and Best Practices for 2020, Top 7 Strategies to Quickly Increase Traffic to your Landing Page in 2020, What is a Squeeze Page? John segments plans by company size, so he knows who’s dealing with what problems and how much each can pay. A not-too-shabby 36.1% improvement. Take a look at the spacing of the calls to action. And speed. Pingback: 4 advertising strategies to Make shoppers Love Your model | IoEBusiness.com | IoE Internet of Everything Business(). You optimize for conversions, with messaging that matches the intent of the advertisement your target audience clicked. distractions, form fields). So, I asked Charles for a little background on the landing page. Don’t assume a shorter, simpler page is going to be your winner. Sure, sliders can be pretty to look at, but they’re notoriously bad for conversions. Or how about your claim that you could save me 90% of my time? Name and email are just fine, but what’s with the “mycompany” field? “Difficulty-oriented friction” applies broadly to the number of decisions to make on a page, like multiple equally weighted CTAs.

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