(2) The Philistine leaders asked both women to trap Samson. Nazirites took a vow of holiness to abstain from wine and grapes, to not cut their hair or beard, and to avoid contact with dead bodies. God gave us our gifts, just as he gave Samson his strength. It keeps them alive. All good things come from God. Have the kids take turns doing their impression of a lion. Pride can give us confidence in ourselves. CCPA - Do not sell my personal information, © Children's Ministry DealsEcommerce Software by Shopify. As he grew up, the Bible says the Lord blessed Samson and "the Spirit of the Lord began to stir in him" (Judges 13:25). Teach us to be humble and always submit to you. June 1, 2020 May 1, 2020 by Rev. Chet and the Lion walk to center stage, side by side. Pride can make us lose sight of what God has done for us. LION: I sleep 21 hours a day under a tree. This indiscretion led to blindness, imprisonment, and powerlessness. His affair with this woman from the Valley of Sorek marked the beginning of his downfall and eventual demise. But God used his failures and mistakes to demonstrate his sovereign power. He gave in. But what happens when something blows up and gets bigger and bigger and bigger - like, say, a bubble? Give each player a bottle of bubbles. We know this lesson is a fun and easy way to teach kids the story about Samson and Delilah. Samson was a man of unmatched physical strength, but when he fell in love with a woman named Delilah, he met his match. Remember where your blessings come from, and give all the glory to God. Get a long wig and some simple props and have your kids recreate the story of Samson and Delilah. Take a look at the links below for other ideas for teaching a Samson and Delilah Sunday School Lesson: Elementary Ministry Curriculum (Ages 6-12), Animal Safari 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum, Samson and Delilah Children's Ministry Lesson, Samson and Delilah Bible Lesson Plan - DLTK-Bible, "Samson for Kids" (Judges 13-16) Sunday School Lesson, Samson Bible Lesson for Kids - Ministry-To-Children. Today we’re beginning a fun new series, a safari-themed series that will take us through the wilds of nature to learn some great lessons about ourselves and our God. The name Delilah means "worshipper" or "devotee." In fact, the New Testament doesn't list Samson's failures, nor his incredible acts of strength. And in spite of his horrible failures and sins of great consequence, Samson's heart now turned to the Lord. In the end, it cost him his physical sight, his freedom, his dignity, and eventually his life. Rather than kill Samson, the Philistines preferred to humiliate him by gouging out his eyes and subjecting him to hard labor in a Gaza prison. As was their custom, they paraded Samson, their prized enemy prisoner, into the temple to entertain the jeering crowds. Here's a video from Kids on the Move that you might find helpful to go along with your Sunday School Lesson on Samson and Delilah. But the experiences Samson had with the woman he married earlier were much the same as experiences he had later with Delilah, the woman he later fell in love with. To help you better understand the life of Samson and the rich lessons we learn from his life, I have created a video presentation for you. Alternately, you could have a bubble blowing contest with bubble gum instead of soap bubbles. Samson's calling from birth was to begin the deliverance of Israel from Philistine oppression (Judges 13:5). Fearless! It has a hero, a villain, a plot, and a sad conclusion with justice prevailing in the end. He once was blind, but now could see. Do you think it's too late to turn to God? (3) At first, Samson would … Lust is a very dangerous temptation. At the time, Samson was judge over Israel and had been taking out great vengeance on the Philistines. T he story of Samson and Delilah is one of the best known biblical stories in the Old Testament and is a great Bible story to study in Sunday School. After a series of foolish mistakes and bad decisions, he fell in love with a woman named Delilah. Be thankful, and let others know that it was God who gave the blessings. During a pagan sacrificial ritual, the Philistines had gathered in Gaza to celebrate. Smitten with Delilah and infatuated with his own extraordinary talents, Samson walked right into the destructive plot. Who convinced Samson to give up the secret of his strength? Using her powers of seduction and deception, Delilah persistently wore down Samson with her repeated requests, until he finally divulged the crucial information. Delilah was never the wife of Samson. LION: You've never walked into baboon territory, have you? The story of Samson and Delilah teaches us that if we let pride get the best of us, we will fall. We can keep pride from bursting our bubble by staying humble and giving glory to God. LION: Four lady lions, twelve cubs, and an old toothless, the former alpha male. He believed in his own strength more than he believed in God, who gave him his strength. Don’t let pride give you a big head. We need to separate ourselves from temptations and not listen to it. Samson and Delilah Bible Characters - Lessons for Us. Ask the kids what they think the writer was trying to say when he wrote these words. P.S. It’s called a pride. Having taken the Nazirite vow at birth, Samson had been set apart to God. LION: You heard me, fearless. LION: I wouldn’t say I’m afraid, but I make it a point to steer clear of baboons. CHET: How can I not have pride, being who I am? The trouble was Samson became too proud. Does anyone know what a family group of lions is called? Try different challenges: who can blow the largest bubble, the longest string of bubbles in one blow, the bubble that travels the furthest before popping, etc. A person who has a “big head” is a person filled with pride. But pride can also be dangerous. How can we keep ourselves from being pulled down by pride? Samson prayed to God — and God answered. So what lesson is there to learn from this? good lessons from Samson and his wife and from Samson and Delilah. Ultimately, through his sacrificial death, Samson turned his miserable mistakes into victory. Anything we enjoy in the meantime comes from God. Next thing you know, he’s out of office. For a lion, pride means family. Pride can keep you from practicing and in turn keep you from excelling in your favorite sports and other activities. The person who blows the most bubbles wins. The pride gives the lion its best chance to survive and thrive in the wild. A mighty family of lions is called a pride. Run home to momma! 1) Be teachable – Always have a heart that’s open to the opinion of those who love you and have spiritual maturity. Be humble; don’t let pride make you stumble. Every blessing we have was given to us by the Lord. Sign up to receive our helpful, informative and sometimes humorous deal emails :-). Do not take credit for the things God has done for you. What was the mistake that the children of Israel continued to make in the book of Judges? Read the blog here. For your convenience, you can also download the entire PDF version of this Samson and Delilah Children's Ministry Lesson (just click the link). After Delilah's third attempt at luring out his secret, why didn't Samson catch on? Even worse, the Holy Spirit departed from Samson. Pride causes people to fall every day. A politician’s pride leads him to bend the rules. As part of that vow, his hair was never to be cut. Down came the temple, killing Samson and everyone else in the temple. Pride can keep you from studying for a test - and so you fail it. If we don't control our pride, we are in for a mighty fall. Samson abandoned his God-assigned mission to please the woman who had stolen his affections. Oddly enough, all three of the women Samson gave his heart to were among his gravest enemies, the Philistines. However, as he grew into manhood, Samson's lusts overpowered him. If your pride makes you do something foolish like stick your head in my mouth, I ain’t too proud to bite it off. He found amazing grace. Needed: drawing paper, crayons or colored pencils. Use our Samson and Delilah Sunday School Lesson in your Children's Ministry this year! Samson was told from a young age that God had commanded him to never cut his hair. LION: Yeah, go ahead and run. By the fourth enticement, he crumbled. Stephen R. Wilson. Pride will make us fall, and the bigger our pride grows, the bigger our fall will be. We might look at Samson and his infatuation with Delilah, and consider him gullible — stupid even. Put the verse on the big screen and read it aloud with the kids. Lions have been a fascination throughout time. If we remember that, we can keep ourselves from getting a big head. We need to give him the glory for our successes and triumphs. Although Samson was physically strong, he was morally weak. Then the baboons moved in, ran us off. When reading the account of Samson's life and then his downfall with Delilah, you might tend to think Samson wasted his life and that he was a failure. Just remember kids, pride kills. Contestants have 90 seconds to blow as many bubbles as they can. Take everything you have, everything you are given, and give glory to God for those blessings. The lion can be a person in a lion costume or lion makeup, or it can be a puppet. God's people forgot that He was their only strength and stay. Subdued and weak, Samson was captured. Pride causes us to swell up and burst. Every good thing that we have comes not from our own goodness, but from God. But it was his lust for Delilah that blinded him to her lies and her true nature. Use this Judges’ children’s Sunday School lesson to teach kids how they can be strong for God and resist temptation. I’d stick my head in a lion’s mouth if you dared me. “'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.” - Zechariah 4:6b. While Samson slept on her lap, Delilah called in a co-conspirator to shave off the seven braids of his hair. The story of Samson and Delilah parallels the spiritual and political disarray in the nation of Israel at the time. It is relentless. Pride can cause us to fall. The teams line … Help us to stay humble so we won’t give in to pride. Humans have pride too, but for us, pride is a very different thing. Mary Fairchild is a full-time Christian minister, writer, and editor of two Christian anthologies, including "Stories of Cavalry. The name is Semitic, but the story suggests that she was a Philistine. Only the power of my Spirit will do it,’ says the Lord who rules over all.” - Zechariah 4:6b (NIrV). See who can blow the biggest bubble. Through his death, Samson destroyed more of his enemies in this one sacrificial act, than he had previously killed in all the battles of his life. In many ways he did waste his life, but even still, he accomplished his God-assigned mission. He believed he was invincible, and his pride led him to do something very foolish. An athlete’s pride causes him to get lazy, and suddenly he goes from a star to a has been. Pride can make us feel good. In this state, we can easily be deceived because the truth becomes impossible to see. As he slaved at grinding grain, his hair began to grow back, but the careless Philistines paid no attention. Divide students into two teams for a slightly modified game of Red Rover. When they forsook Him to worship false gods, He forsook them. Choose five players. Because Samson is just like you and me when we give ourselves over to sin. This proves that God can use people of faith, no matter how imperfectly they live their lives. It kills zebras, it kills wildebeests, it kills antelopes, and just last week it got a baby elephant. At the end of his life, blind and humbled, Samson finally realized his utter dependence upon God. Likewise, you who are younger, be subject to the elders. Get it? Forgive us for our pride and thinking we can make it on our own. The story of Samson and Delilah is found in Judges 16. Samson was really strong, but he wasn't really wise. Why did he give in to temptation and give up his treasured gift? Moreover, Samson was very reckless and careless about his actions. Hebrews 11 names him in the "Hall of Faith" among those who "through faith conquered kingdoms, administered justice, and gained what was promised ... whose weakness was turned to strength." For many years, the Israelites lived without fear of the Philistines. Pride can hurt us as kids as well.

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