The more you’re in tune, the faster you can respond.”. Mine isn’t expected until end of November/ early December, Press J to jump to the feed. Maiden Home Aims to Disrupt Custom Furniture With $1,000 Chairs. Jolene Nolte, MA has written and edited articles and magazines about literature, religion, American history, interior design, sustainability, entertainment, and more. What she saw available at more affordable prices at big box stores, however, was generic. Do you mind sharing which fabric/color you went with? Hey! I just received a Maiden Home Warren sofa that I ordered a couple of months ago. High Point’s upholsterers are “hands-down the best in the world,” Kapur says. Then they can customize it by choosing from a variety of options for fabric, wood finishes and sizes. Like everyone else, Maiden Home did not see COVID-19 and its effects coming. Maiden Home’s vision is to simplify the whole furniture shopping process for high-quality, durable results. While business is booming for Maiden Home, the pandemic has still presented challenges. And don’t forget to drop by our Pivot Series for in-depth business insights! We want to be making sure we serve customers as best as possible,” Kapur says. Has anyone ever purchased anything from Maiden Home? Handcrafted luxury for the modern home Design-driven pieces and American craftsmanship quality Thank you! What Do Doctors Want From Health Care Policy After COVID-19? Also would appreciate if anyone can upload photos as well! Like everyone else, Maiden Home did not see COVID-19 and its effects coming. Because I just got it, I can't say anything about durability but it seems very well-made--it is insanely comfortable, resilient (like if you get up, there is no seat mark left) and so far has not even needed the cushions fluffed. “Comfort is our thing,” Kapur says. The increased business at Maiden Home has helped the High Point artisans who previously relied on brick-and-mortar stores. What Is Delta-8-THC? The recovery of the economy is at the front of everyone's mind. “We took the bulk about of the process,” Kapur says, “and allow customers to buy directly from the artisan.”. Their design center and headquarters are in New York City, but the furniture is made by the world’s furniture experts in High Point, North Carolina. Their designs look “more high-end than anything you can get from overseas,” she adds. Once a customer orders a piece of furniture, it is made to order in High Point according to the customer’s combination of choices. “Consumers have really turned inward and are spending more on their homes.” Home improvement across the state has seen a general boost, it seems. Jolene recently earned a master’s degree in theology and the arts at Regent College. Cue one of our new favorite sites, Maiden Home . Maiden Home already had its online, direct-to-consumer model in place. We want to create timeless pieces, and it’s the details that really make them special,” Kapur says. Guess it’s only been a month, but so you still like it and does it still feel good quality? Then it’s either leaning in or pivoting to what their needs are. Third-quarter unemployment numbers for North Carolina so far show reasons to be positive, but also to worry. From the seamless delivery experience to the quality of the furniture, furnishing our home with Maiden Home has been a fantastic experience. These are those “modern amenities” Kapur wanted to bring into the furniture industry. James Gaddy, October 26, 2017, 10:46 AM EDT Maiden Home’s Leroy chair, from $1,200. What Could Happen in Phase 3 for North Carolina? The company’s aesthetic leans towards “clean lines, the transitional and contemporary. Five Upcoming North Carolina Car Shows and Races, Third Quarter Economic Outlook for NC: The Good, Bad and Unknown, Black-Owned Clothing & Accessories Businesses in NC, Advice from the Professionals at High Point Market, ADHD in Adults: How to Cope, Work With and Live With Someone Who Isn’t Neurotypical. Ordered the Warren, will plan to post a picture when it arrives. Thom Tillis Beat Cal Cunningham: Here’s What the Senate Race Means. Maiden Home’s furniture is made in the North Carolina region (which is like, the holy grail place for furniture manufacturing) by highly skilled craftsmen. She also writes poetry and facilitates a creative writers’ workshop. “We have big dreams, but we’re focused on executing very well. The goal, now and in the future, is to help anyone looking to furnish and decorate a home have access to high-quality, stylish and durable options. Like most successful startups, Maiden Home began with a personal pain point. We’ve gathered a list of 25 Black-owned businesses where you can find your clothing and accessories while supporting the African American community. How does it work to shop online for a bulky, big-ticket item like a sofa? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Yours looks so good! With a background in e-commerce, Kapur saw that the furniture business did not have the same ease of access of other industries. I’m on the hunt for a sectional sofa and I stumbled upon them as a made in USA furniture company but I’ve never heard of them and can’t find anything else on here either. She formed Maiden Home as a direct response, and it’s been what she calls “a growth story” ever since. For Kapur, it boils down to hearing from the customer: “In times of uncertainty, really listen to customers. The one I’m looking at is priced about $2,000 more than a similar style (U-Shaped chaise sectional) Crate and Barrel sofa I’m also considering. And Is It Legal in North Carolina? The fabric swatches I ordered were all really good quality. How Potter Kevin Howard Turned His Hobby into Sold Out Aloe Frost Brand. Please post yours I’d love to see it! We will definitely be going back to Maiden Home for more! When it came to developing Maiden Home’s fall 2020 collection, Kapur and her team were asking, “Where are our customers? That tends to be the issue with custom furniture: It's awesome in theory, but often hard to get and even harder to afford. Our family could not be happier with our pieces. Maiden Home was born as a result, about three and a half years ago. Hard to find pictures posted by customers. Since the restrictions on non-essential travel began in March, the New York designers and North Carolina artisans had to develop the new fall 2020 line remotely. North Carolina State Testing – Is It Still Happening? What Are NC Schools Doing About Students Struggling With E-Learning? Just wondering how you still feel about your sofa. Fingers crossed. So take a look at Maiden Home and its High Point artisans, if you’d like to furnish your home with a greater, simpler style. Plank & Pillow. A few years ago, Nidhi Kapur was looking to furnish and decorate her first home. Here is a picture (sorry I'm not much of a photographer):, Awesome!! Like (1) March 27, 2020. What are they wanting right now?”, The feeling of comfort, and of a luxurious retreat, became central to their answers. Maiden Home was born out of Kapur’s experience as a customer, and the customer’s experience remains at the core of her vision and priorities. Tiny Homes in NC: Who Builds Them and Why Should You Care? What do they need? Maiden Home also offers free shipping, delivery and easy returns. North Carolina News Daily © 2020 / All Rights Reserved, Let’s Take A Look At The Race For NC’s 6th District. Throughout our Pivot Series, we’ve been asking business owners and nonprofit leaders what advice they have for their peers right now. Maiden Home also offers free shipping, delivery and easy returns. Take, for instance, the Crosby sofa, pictured above. Maiden Home Has anyone ever purchased anything from Maiden Home? Each piece of their furniture is handcrafted in North Carolina by skilled craftsmen with decades of experience, and they use high-quality, non-toxic materials to create products that will last. If it is better quality I’m all for paying the extra, I just don’t know anyone who’s ever purchased anything from there. I ended up ordering the Sullivan! Kapur’s business model allowed High Point artisans to become part of the online marketplace, and consumers enjoy direct access to their customizable, quality designs. Customers can request fabric swatches to see what the color and texture of the fabric looks like in their homes’ lighting. I’m on the hunt for a sectional sofa and I stumbled upon them as a made in USA furniture company but I’ve never heard of them and can’t find anything else on here either. In sum, two options which needed improvement. 2,149 talking about this. The sofa frames are hardwood, the springs are 8-way hand-tied, the fabrics are luxurious and free of weird chemicals…basically everything you’re looking for in a quality investment piece. Whether you’re looking for vintage second-hand items or fresh designs right off the rack, there is a multitude of businesses to purchase your wardrobe from in North Carolina. So Kapur launched an ambitious plan to overhaul the whole furniture shopping experience with a direct-to-consumer model. She saw that those designs didn’t reach her directly as a consumer without funneling through designers and showrooms – and the requisite markups. Came here to see what people were saying. She wants that quality to become accessible to consumers, not just design professionals. Not long before she tried to furnish her own maiden home, Kapur had witnessed the quality craftsmanship and design of furniture at High Point Market. I was worried about ordering online and so many sofas have the seat indentations after awhile. Maiden Home was founded in 2015, and the brand sells sofas, sectionals, chairs, bed, ottomans, and more. Coming into 2020, Maiden Home was already growing. Customers choose from Maiden Home’s designs. Before March, Kapur would visit artisans in North Carolina once a month. Here’s How to Create a Professional Portfolio Online. It may be more challenging to hear from them right now, but it’s key. These are those “modern amenities” Kapur wanted to bring into the furniture industry. This process was a win-win for all involved. By . Do At-Home Sobriety Tests Actually Work Like They Should? But after the initial shock settled by mid-March, business swelled. Looking ahead to the future, Kapur says, “The vision has always been bigger than just sofas, but helping consumers to bring together a home across categories.”. Coming into 2020, Maiden Home was already growing. Kapur elaborates, “You might not be able to go to a boutique hotel right now, so how can we bring a boutique hotel to you?”. A startup for sitting down. The new fall collection is Maiden Home’s complete answer, including a shearling chair and Maiden Home’s first modular sofa. “Make home your greatest escape” became the organizing theme. “It’s been a real growth story for us,” Kapur says. It is available in 58 options for fabric or leather, four options for wood finish and eight options for size. Sitting Pretty in COVID-19’s Homebody Economy.

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