Level 1: 8 INT. Hard Magnus – Heavily varies based on skill and class. Maplestory also has a battle analysis system that tracks your damage and EXP over a time period. I had a friend with 1.6m clean who is an AB, and he had trouble clearing it with another AB because they couldn’t gem in time, so it’s pretty class dependent. However every 10 stages, you’ll unlock a checkpoint, and the next time you run dream defender you can start from that checkpoint. However classes that don’t have this inbuilt IED item should aim for 93%. Combine all of your auras and become a grim specter of death. -Not really relevant now that SW weapons are obsolete. The only thing that is missing is the large amount of Attack Speed, but that is such a small detail…”. :O Noooooooooooes whyyyyyyy, So basically they made all cooler but did it wrong on hyper skills T.T Master Craftsmans’ Cubes come from the Henesys store, boss drops, veins, Commerci runs, event stores and the legion shop. Level 20: Max Targets: +1 I don’t like this revamp and changes on this BaM. I’ll readjust the skill build guide. Level 1: MP Cost: 33, Damage: 197%, Number of Attacks: 5, Max Enemies Hit: 6 Spanish Keyboarding: A very useful trick to help you mesofarming can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/tPvP1Yu (Sorry, not sure who to credit for this). hi , just curious. Transfer hammering is using a lower level piece of gear and sacrificing it to transfer its potential and stars to a piece of gear that is up to 10 levels higher than it. Because of the low base drop rate of Nodestones, it’s highly recommended to make a set of drop  gear to increase the drop rate and decrease the amount of time you need to farm them. If you have a second laptop/computer and you’re fairly dedicated, it’s recommended to have an account solely for kishin to help level mules and kishin yourself. As soon as you finish Gollux prequests at level 140, immediately start running it everyday to save up gollux coins to get your superior gollux earring and ring. Level 5: MP Cost: 30, Cooldown: 360 sec. Using a map found on the left side of your screen, you’ll be able to see which room(portal) has a purple music box in it. They are generally only used to tier up rare potential gear to epic potential because their epic->unique tier up rate is terrible. They do the same thing, however can also raise potential tier from unique->legendary, something that MCC cannot do. Dark Shock (2% per level) Required fields are marked *. OMG!!!! Great map control with Yaksha boss, kishin boosted with nodes, domain, tengu strike, nimbus curse, high damage lucid soul- easy to get into lucid parties for a lucid soul to boost rates and has insane soul scaling. =/, So you basicly can only use 1 Aura anymore? However most guilds find it really annoying for people to beg for carries, so it’s generally better to wait for someone to offer and accept rather than constantly spamming “Can someone take me [This boss]?” or “LF>HELLUX CARRY PLS”. Attack speed is dependent on weapon speed, most weapon has slow speed! This skill is not affected by enemies in the Damage Reflection state. You can use these coins to upgrade your legion and buy various buffs and items from the legion store, important stuff like 50% Epic Potential Scrolls and Wealth buffs that increase your mesos gained by 50% (very helpful for Kanna meso farmers). Yellow Aura (MAX) And how they work (I get the basics but the sp count confuses me)? Level 1: Staff Mastery: +56%. If you’re ultra-lazy you can get a keyweight and just re place it on your alt key every 2:20 after you kishin. (Evan link skill increases the duration of the rune buff and is highly recommended). Maple Warrior (MAX) Once you get gear that won’t be replaced for a while e.g Fafnir weapon, tyrant cape, CRA Hat/top/bot. 180 second CD *, Note: Only bother with this if you are a playing a class that doesn’t naturally get 100% stance from skills/passives, Resistance -> 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 seconds of invincibility after resurrection. Then, Badge/Shoulder/Boots/Belt generally take less cubes to get a good % stat because they have less ‘garbage’ potential lines. Safety charms, buff freezers, respawn tokens (note that non-reboot has npc that provides sells these on a limited daily basis for meso: 3 per day of each). Quad Blow, Dark Chain, Drain Aura, Staff Mastery (1) Bam is getting a 13sec cool down on bkb. Foreword: It’s about 15k words in length so it’s fairly wordy but I believe does a decent job of explaining some of the gear progression mechanics and game knowledge to newer and older players. It is OK to level up a node that has 2 out of 3 of the skills you want. Max Level: 25 (30 with Matrix Points) Cooldown: 0.5 sec Dark Conditioning (MAX) Having 3L 17* gear should get you into just about any raid party you want, everything up to and including HLucid (if this isn’t the case please let me know). 17-25 stars has no safeguard option and you’re at RNG’s mercy. Recommend lv170 to do this, because of annoying damage mechanic that scales on levels, doing this with a mage/thief is difficult because your sengoku character hp is based on whatever your actual character hp is. I've written a guide regarding Leveling. 8. 10. Aura Scythe | Union Aura Because the sengoku event comes around fairly often I wouldn’t aim for more than 21% legendary on your ghost ship, because the sengoku badge gives a higher tier of potential and a decent amount of weapon/magic attack. Summon: Death (auto-maxed) Triple Blow (MAX). @BreakBlitz: Thanks for sharing your Battle Mage pros and cons! Players generally leave this till last because levelling 40 level 200 characters takes a long, long time to get 8000 legion which is what it maxes out at. 10. 1. For example, an epic prime line for level 70-150 gear is 6% stat and standard lines are 3% stat, so getting 3 6% stat lines on an epic tier potential item is very rare, whereas unique potential gear has 9% prime lines and 6% standard lines. is a nerf. Arks are mobile and require very low funding to progress due to innately high damage. Max Enemies Hit: 10, Damage: 832%, Number of Attacks: 12. Low MP potion usage due to high base mp and without magic guard. You go into a map with some spirits that you need to attack to ‘set free’ (yes it’s very counterintuitive).

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