Dmg/Boss/PDR; Zoom. Set Item of Maple Treasure Set, 100 – Berserk Chain You are not affected by pushback while casting Heaven's Hammer. Not sure if they are worth the effort to get the coins. If used while holding the down arrow key, decreases attack range and number of attacks, but adds Stuns. Makes your flesh as strong as steel so you're not pushed back by enemy attacks. Untradable upon equipped. INT +6, LUK +6, Magic Attack +2, 100 – Rusty Book – Epode Set Item of Black Set. They can be purchased from Neville in towns. STR +9, DEX +9, ATT +6 hey ayumilove do you know if the frozen whispers beast tamer secondary item from the event is better than the mother nature whisper? P.S. Increases final damage while Final Pact is active. @edward: I’m not sure about Frozen Whisper. Launch consecutive rapid attacks on multiple enemies. Read more tips here to make sure you never lose out on a trade. Set Item of Maple Treasure Set, 10 – Nova’s Essence STR +6, DEX +6, ATK +2, 100 – Sacred Rosary STR +10, DEX +10, ATK +3, 30 – Pin Fire Bomb Added → Secondary weapon picture for Transmitter (Cadena) and Magic Wing (Illium). Increases Final Damage for each combo orb and increases the chance to gain combo orbs. Channels your inner vampire to increase Attack Power and sap life from enemies for a short time. Call upon the bravery deep within to increase damage output. Direct the spear with the up and down arrow keys. Can deal damage to enemies even when they are under Attack Ignore and attack reflection. I’m not sure about that. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The 5% damage from axe is additive with +%damage and +%damage vs boss, so it is barely noticeable late game when you have alot of %damage and %damage vs boss (in Reboot, there a passive that give alot of %damage). Shout at enemies, expending combo orbs to deal damage. Certain Fists are obtained from Events or Bosses. Summons an Evil Eye that heals you regularly when it is near. For most classes there is an improved version of their 100 secondary weapon that gives +5 attack/magic attack instead of 3. Creates a portal that leads to the nearest town. Always conduct your trade on PixelMarket using the Messaging System, not Skype or email. Set Item of Maple Treasure Set, Jewels are Secondary Weapons for Cygnus Knights and can be equipped by all Cygnus Knights. Their job specialty skill is Elemental Charge, which increases their damage as well as reduces the damage they take from enemies when chaining different elemental attacks together, giving them superior defensive abilities to their counterparts. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Mindswell add this: axe vs sword, is there any difference? However, the skill has a 10 minute cooldown, and if they do not eliminate 30 monsters or attack a boss 20 times within the time limit, they will lose the buff and die anyway. Hey, just letting you know you’re missing all the Princess No secondaryweapon drops, which are the best secondary weapons you can equip. Click here to see why. INT +10, LUK +10, Magic Attack +3, 100 – Wild Heron Hi maplers, I'm currently stuck deciding whether I should recube my secondary weapon or not. Manager Grants Combo Counts for. STR = Strength A Terminus Defender shield can be scrolled (primed) to up to +153 STR and DEX at 15 stars, and it also has a higher tier of potential thanks to being level 160. Set Item of Maple Treasure Set, 30 – White Gold Book – Strophe 6. Black Ereve Brilliance 4. This part of the update brings the second blockbuster of MapleStory, featuring the Six Heroes of Maple World. Can only be used when you have 1 of the following skills applied: Maple Warrior, Call of Cygnus, Nova Warrior, Hero of the Flora, President's Orders, Anima Warrior, Sengoku Warrior, Maple Guardian, or Rhinne's Protection. Increases the final damage dealt per combo orb and enables you to gain more orbs. You can detonate this shield to inflict damage to nearby enemies. STR +2, DEX +2, INT +2, LUK +2, HP +60, DEF 30, M.DEF 30, 10 – Dual Core Controller Dash forward and push back multiple monsters. LUK = Luck, GMS v.150 – Rising Heroes (2014-06-17) – Added Marble Fox STR +3, ATK +2 GMS v.123 – Tempest (2012-11-28) – Added Soul Ring, 30 – Powers Medallion Teleports you to a random location on the map. Found a bothersome bug or glitch? Level 100 – 580,000 meso, Stat Legend: Learn how your comment data is processed. INT +10, LUK +10, Magic Attack +3, 110 – Book of Platinum and Gold A glorious cross-section of light blazes, symbolizing noble sacrifice. Deal 3 consecutive attacks on multiple enemies in front of you. I mean, that secondary weapon is only level 100 while the Fearless one is level 125 and it gives me +stats. Level 60 – 330,000 meso Notify me of followup comments via e-mail or subscribe without commenting. The Blockbuster is divided into 4 parts. INT +6, LUK +6, Magic Attack +2, 100 – White Gold Book – Epode Fists are Secondary Weapons for Pirates and can only be equipped by Jetts. Mechanic I'll stick with this emblem then and try to aim for 2 lines of % attack on my emblems pot+bonus pot since I'm already sitting at 200% boss when buffed. Generates a protective shield when hit that. Fires a blast of compressed Erdas at nearby enemies.

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