By continuing to use Puzzle Prime, you agree to our use of cookies. Work out the secret color sequence using just 10 moves. Includes Master CodeBreaker Top 10 Players list. Originally a board game, though with roots in earlier pen-and-paper games, Mastermind is now widely available online and for mobile devices as well. Shop our large selection of puzzles & brain teasers for kids made from all your favourite toy brands. Sign up for our newsletter and get puzzles directly in your mailbox. Sign up for our newsletter and get fun puzzles directly in your email! [1] X … Can you crack the code? Mastermind Online: Play this mind-bending puzzle game online for free! The classic game of logic and deduction. On-line Mastermind like game. We use cookies to track our website activity, improve your experience, and serve appropriate ads. Shop Now! -. Mastermind play online Rules Find the right color code! The puzzles can be filtered either by type or by difficulty. Mastermind is a difficult puzzle game, in which one player tries to guess the code their opponent comes up with. 6.8 Gold Mine StrikeThrow your pickaxe at the combinations of two or more of the same blocks. A white peg indicates the existence of a correct color peg placed in the wrong position. You can filter the puzzles either by difficulty, ranked from Easy to Expert, or by type. Mastermind Play this free mastermind game online and enjoy finding the solutions using your logic and problem solving skills. Uno OnlineBe the first to get rid of your cards in the free game Uno Online! In each row a black key peg marks a color peg which is correct in both color and position. Free shipping over $35, easy store returns & free In-store gift wrap. Below you will find a large collection with some of the finest brain teasers, carefully selected by our team. About Code Breaker is a code breaking game of logic.

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