Try making Matcha Banana “Ice Cream,” Matcha Milkshake, Matcha Sugar Toast, and Matcha Lemonade. Though tread carefully––at 2 AM that night, I was still lying awake, hopped up on 4 cups of tea! It was delicious, and brought me right back to Hong Kong. I spent a lot of time on this recipe, watching videos online and thinking back to the many cups of Hong Kong Milk Tea I enjoyed on our short trip there. 2 standard tea bags equals about 1 tablespoon. Unsubscribe any time. You don’t need any fancy matcha tools to make this. Subscribe to our email list and be sure to follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube! By the end of my day of tea brewing, I finally had the perfect cup of Hong Kong Milk Tea with a homemade, (1.4L, makes about 4 ½ cups of tea after the boiling process), (in tea bags or tea strainers; any combination of Ceylon Orange Pekoe/Lipton Black Tea, Earl Gray, or your favorite black tea), a fine-meshed strainer with a clean pair of stockings tied around it, Yuanyang Tea (Hong Kong Style Tea and Coffee), Here's how to make it at home! If I don’t have evaporated milk, what would be the better substitute – regular whole milk, Lactaid, or more condensed milk? Yes, and that form is the green tea powder called as Matcha Tea, which is the purest form of green tea and can be blended with variety of forms of milk, be it coconut milk, soy, full-fat dairy, or even almond milk, to give you the most fascinating form of latte with sweeteners added as well. Nick’s comment is not accurate–he may be ordering incorrectly. Interesting to hear that detail about how it’s defined in Seattle though! First there’s the tea blend: many purveyors of great Hong Kong Milk Tea closely guard the blend of teas they use, but it’s always a blend! Hi Nick, in Hong Kong, milk tea only has tea in it. While we do our best to provide nutritional information as a general guideline to our readers, we are not certified nutritionists, and the values provided should be considered estimates. It will be slightly less flavorful but will be good for drinking black and perhaps not diluted with milk. For full ingredients and instructions, scroll to the bottom. Get premium, rare to find, natural health tips, free resources and ebooks in your inbox when you join the Inner Circle. However, just like the Slavs and others in some Eastern countries, tea is consumed neat – no infusions, no milk, and certainly no sweeteners. I’m using a small water bottle with a wide opening. That’s it. Learn how your comment data is processed. Just a note about using/adding Earl Grey – I believe the Bergamot in Earl Grey will alter teh taste of your tea.

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