IMDb Top 100 sappy Christmas movie posters where a young, conventionally-attractive, straight, white couple are wearing sweaters, with the male love interest in green and the female love interest in red. Here we are, another Hallmark Christmas movie. Plot: Anne Garrison works in NYC with a toy company and comes home for Christmas to help her dad sell his toy factory. I really enjoyed this one, it really captured the Christmas spirit. The movie is the same as every other one. Brooke D'Orsay Trevor Donovan Jenna Weir Ron Lea Tara Joshi Eugene A. Clark Vanessa Burns Chad Willett Arlene Duncan Barbara Gordon Leslie Adlam Janine Davis, 90 mins   yet one more hallmark christmas movie added my list. Trevor Donovan. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. Every Hallmark Movie Ever including, Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, Hallmark Movies Now, and Hallmark Hall of Fame. Anne and Keith get assigned to plan the Christmas Pageant in their small town. Brooke D'Orsay Trevor Donovan Jenna Weir Ron Lea Tara Joshi Eugene Clark Vanessa Burns Chad Willett Arlene Duncan Barbara Gordon. In fact I found that kind of refreshing. I love Brooke and Trevor and there chemistry is very believable on screen however this film was fairly boring to me and I just didn't connect very well with the characters still a decent watch though and the little girl was amazing. The lady comes home and a big part of the movie is the wooden Santas that she carved when she was a teenager and now is giving out as presents to the neighborhood. The romance here is so tame that even Anna and Kristoff in Frozen showed more chemistry, passion and romantic moments than the two leads! Report this film, Featured Lists   > 2019 Hallmark Ranked  > Hallmark Christmas Movies Ranked. Literally only watched this because it was filmed in my city and my aunt was an extra. I guess no one was really interested in promoting wooden toys or fine craftsmanship when making this movie. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. Brooke D'Orsay. Also, am I reaaally supposed to be a 10-year-old would love a wooden Santa THAT much? The leads have some sparkle, but this has some of the worst acting I've seen from these so far in the supporting cast. This was everything short of cheesy, cringey, poorly written, horrible acting, and just bad. Ticks all the boxes of the checklist I’m sure Hallmark uses when they make films, If someone complained this is super corny and embraces every trope in the book I wouldnt argue with them. Mobile site. Jenna Weir. Directed by J.B. Sugar. It's not trying to be modern or empowering just sweet ridiculously cute Christmas movie. Also some New Years…. I guess Merry & Bright was an exception, because this movie confirmed everything I had heard about Hallmark movies. About what you’d expect. … This is why I choose to not watch Hallmark Christmas films. Should I even count these as films? I know these movies are supposed to be family movies but please! More details at J.B. Sugar. This was cute, but I wasn’t really into it. Movies set at, around or a scene at Christmas. Ah yes, Hallmark, big city woman, small hometown, nostalgic scenarios. TMDb Director. © Letterboxd Limited. 2019 By time this movie was wrapping it, they spent so much time which everything else going on that I didn’t like the ending. Thoughts: Sub stories took away from the main storyline which was disappointing. ... Keith McClain. But after watching Merry & Bright last night, I went into Nostalgic Christmas with an open mind. Cast. But, it was enjoyable enough for what it is. This one was not good. The formula is there, but this film proves you need more than ice skating and candy canes to have a heartwarming hit. Can’t we celebrate strong successful women and not have them feel guilted into following a…, Hallmark starting off Xmas 2019 with an absolute banger. I mean, it hits all the standard Hallmark Christmas Movie tropes. ... Anne Garrison. It was horribly cringey too, with…, -Dead parent ✅-Suffering/closing shop ✅-Christmas tree lighting ✅-Main characters name is related to Christmas-Near miss kiss-Main characters sing Christmas carols ✅-Big city person buying property in the small town-Cookie bakeoff contest-A business that needs saving ✅-Obstacle/misunderstanding in the last 20 minutes ✅, It was cute. Talk about randomly wrapping up a movie quickly at the end. It annoys me when Hallmark pulls this card. The happy ending felt too forced and unnatural which is saying something when you’re talking about Hallmark movies. My yearly guilty pleasure during Christmas time is.... Hallmark Christmas movie!!! Christmas movie posters with white heterosexual couples wearing red and green, I’m in my room alone bored and I will be making a list of every movie that comes to my mind until I get bored with that, white couple wearing red and green in christmas cinematic universe (or WCWRAGICCU).

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