This is an excellent book. Welcome back. One of my favorite parts was the blank sections this book provides to write down any mechanisms you want to remember as a quick reference. It is so worth the price!! One of the greatest books on the field, easily explained and lots of practise ! “I did not have a strong background in chemistry, so reviewing basics and getting a little exposure to new material gave me confidence coming into the course.” 2. Copyright 2020, We won't send you spam. All Rights Reserved. An extremely accessible introduction to many of the fundamental concepts in organic chemistry. Does anyone know if the 3rd edition is anymore helpful than the 2nd? The book also covers acid-base chemistry, stereochemistry, and stability through the molecular orbital picture. Organic Chemistry as a Second Language is … The pressure seems to be on authors to create a textbook that adds mystery to the subject and weighs no less than 20 pounds - full of superfluous information. In addition, the book has lots of helpful explanations, charts, pictures, and summaries. Author David Klein's Second Language books prove this is not true—organic chemistry … The book for the second semester is not nearly as helpful in my opinion. It explains most mechanisms in clear detail, with arrow pushing as well as verbal explanations. I bought the e-book version of this and it's conversational and easy to follow and has exercises with answers in the back. I'd say that you should just get the first one. It's a great resource that I would highly recommend. Support our nonprofit mission. Each section provides hands-on exercises and step-by-step explanations to help students fully comprehend classroom lectures and textbook content. I highly recommend reading it before you begin the class and also using it while taking the subject. I didn't personally like it, but to each their own. Reviewed in the United States on August 22, 2013. This is a dummy description. Klein is amazing; he takes the complex subject of organic chemistry and gives you the bare essentials of what you need to understand. I made A's in both general chemistry classes, but I was terrified of Organic Chemistry because I was told so many times that it is a very difficult class. Reviewed in the United States on November 15, 2017. Either ochem is overrated or this author broke it down well. Place your sponsorship banner here for $266.67 per Month! I didn't have a solid foundation in both Orgo I & II, and now I'm playing catch up as I prep for the MCAT (the joys of hindsight). Just the right amount of everything. Another upside of this book is that it’s written in plain and simple English, so even if you’re not a native English speaker you won’t have issues with understanding the concepts explained in the book. Reviewed in the United States on August 31, 2015. I used this book for both organic chemistry I and II, and the author is the same author as my textbook. If you are serious about getting an A in organic chemistry you need to buy this book in addition to the awesome textbook by Klein. I'm planning to take organic chemistry in the summer. With unparalleled and highly refined pedagogy, the current edition gives you a contemporary overview of organic principles and the tools for organizing and understanding reaction mechanisms and synthetic organic chemistry. If you are in doubt about whether you should purchase this book...I would tell you that this will be the best money you ever spent on learning OChem. Some of the topics from my first semester orgo class are not in this book at all. With a strong emphasis on the chemical bonding structure of organic molecules, the book features a lot of figures and diagrams that are rendered in color to clearly depict the shapes of different types of bonds and where the molecules have polar (or charged) bonds. The author lays everything out in way that makes it so much easier to understand. by John Wiley & Sons. We won't send you spam. Reviewed in the United States on May 15, 2012. If I can't understand it, I can't memorize it! The current edition explores the major principles in the field and explains why they are relevant. This is a definite buy if you are in organic chemistry second semester. Make organic … Reviewed in the United States on April 26, 2016. They spoke primarily in English, as the assignment required, but when they came to a part they were confused about, they began to speak in Korean. Start by marking “Organic Chemistry as a Second Language: First Semester Topics” as Want to Read: Error rating book. Archived. This is a dummy description. I read this book alongside the Organic Chemistry textbook (Francis Carey 8e), and I was increasingly disenchanted with the textbook and it's incredible lack of organization and poor explanations and increasingly awed by the beautiful simplicity that came through David Klein's companion book. Be the first to ask a question about Organic Chemistry as a Second Language. It explains most mechanisms in clear detail, with arrow pushing as well as verbal explanations. Looks like you are currently in France but have requested a page in the United States site. The explanations are clear and thorough, with plenty of practice problems and answers to build your confidence. Read 12 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. This helps to develop your proficiency in the key skills necessary to succeed in organic chemistry. Without it, I would have gotten a worse grade or failed the class. Looking for PDF of Klein's Organic Chemistry As A Second Language 3RD EDITION. Klein took this ancient language and broke it down for us common folks to understand (thanks, by the way!). The subject matter of the book is one of the bleakest subjects on earth. To help you gain a deeper conceptual understanding of the material, the book is written in a way that clearly shows the patterns in organic chemistry. And where necessary, color is used to enhance bonds, atoms, and mechanistic arrows, while boxed material contains key concepts and intriguing examples. Statement of Support for Black Lives Matter, Get It Before It’s Too Late: Disability Insurance. Practice makes perfect in Orgo, and this is probably one of the best ways to do it. Reviewed in the United States on July 22, 2014. My professor loved it so much that he made it a recommended purchase for the course. This edition explores the major principles in the field and explains why they are relevant. However, there are books on Organic Chemistry that simplify the subject and make it a lot easier for students to understand. And there are questions throughout the chapters that help to assess your level of understanding as you read on. It has me hooked on organic chemistry - and I understand it!! I went through the book before I started the class. Organic chemistry is regarded, as far as I know, as one of the hardest parts in pre-medical studies. It is a fantastic book and made the first half of orgo feel like a breeze. The author placed emphasis on frontier orbital interactions while addressing reactivity and mechanisms. Plus my class didn't cover half the stuff in the second book anyway, and my class went over reactions that neither books covered. I think one great aspect of it is that not only does it explain how to do a problem, it also offers along practice problems. I unfortunately found out about this book a little too late in my Organic Chemistry I course, but it definitely helped save me when I was borderline failing. I loved writing in it on the go and the pages can hold an eraser, if that makes sense. I highly recommend it to my peers struggling with organic chemistry, and to you reading this, considering the purchase... it's helpful. I'm planning on ordering the second portion of it when I enter into Orgo 2. As its name implies, Organic Chemistry as a Second Language promises to make organic chemistry your “second language” by helping you to better understand its fundamental principles, … This book breaks down the complicated second semester topics into a simple and easy to follow format. This guide cut everything that was unnecessary and cut to exactly what was crucial to the reactions and mechanisms we needed to thoroughly comprehend. Thank you, David Klein! And throughout the book, the author consistently relates structure and reactivity to what occurs in our own cells and reinforces the fundamental reason for all chemical reactions. Offering a unique skill-building approach, these market-leading books teach students how to ask the right questions to solve problems, study more efficiently to avoid wasting time, and learn to speak the language of organic chemistry. This book can serve as a year-long text for both first-year and advanced undergraduates, and it can serve a variety of short courses on selected aspects of organic chemistry. 400 Pages. I went back and learned everything I had not learned in OCHEM 1 during the holiday break using this book, and came back in the Spring and did waaaay better. These books (both first semester and second semester topics) are a must-have if you want to do really well in your organic chemistry courses. That said, I found BOTH books incredibly useful. Reviewed in the United States on December 13, 2019. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published I love the practice problems it provides you with and that you DO NOT HAVE TO BUY A SEPARATE BOOK FOR THE ANSWERS- they're in the back of the book-. Covering the initial half of the course, Organic Chemistry as a Second Language: First Semester Topics reviews critical principles and explains their relevance to the rest of the course. If you’re looking for a book that lays some good foundations to begin to learn Organic Chemistry, this book is your best bet. A best book of org chem in the world blesses for whoes are on 0th postion of org chem, Pretty great orgo book - though doing it in two days means that review is kinda key, I took Organic Chemistry 1 in an accelerated five week session and I barely had time to read the actual textbook to get the information I needed to understand the material. Readers continue to turn to Klein's Organic Chemistry as a Second Language: First Semester Topics, 4th Edition because it enables them to better understand fundamental principles, solve problems, and focus on what they need to know to succeed. Reviewed in the United States on December 15, 2014. This edition explores the major principles in the field and explains why they are relevant. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, Organic Chemistry As a Second Language, 3e: First Semester Topics, See all details for Organic Chemistry As a Second Language, 3e: First Semester Topics, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. I am an older, non-traditional student and I have found this book to be a sanity saver! You'll start believing in magic! These books (both first semester and second semester topics) are a must-have if you want to do really well in your organic chemistry courses. If you’re a beginner in the field of Organic Chemistry, this book would guide you through the various topics from simple ones like the structure of organic molecules to the advanced ones like heterocycles and asymmetrical synthesis.

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