City, State. request the pleasure of your company. private ceremony wording 1: Erica Joyce Stevens. 2. Chris James Lawson. Location. and. following the ceremony. Private Ceremony with Same Day Reception (Brides Name) and (Groom’s Name) Will be having a private wedding ceremony on (DATE) And would be honored if you would help celebrate at the wedding reception following the ceremony later in the evening. will be married in a private wedding ceremony on. following the marriage of their daughter. Saturday, the thirtieth of October. Private Ceremony, Same Day Reception {Parents host} Mr. and Mrs. John Youngren. Address. Our days were filled, our. 1. schedules too, so we ran … Time. 2. 1. please celebrate with us at our reception. Please join us for an evening of merriment. Two thousand and fourteen. 4 Scenarios for (Post-Wedding) Reception Invitation Wording. Merriment all night! Time moves so quickly, and so too does life. Private Ceremony, Same Day Reception {Bride & Groom host}

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