Now, the fixed cane price of Rs. | Government has failed to maintain a proper price structure, which is one cause of price hike. Sugar requirements are fulfilled by domestic production, import through Trading Corporation of Pakistan and private imports. 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 This blog is written by Syed Asim Habib, Senior Manager HR and Business Development. Feed Back  Liquidity problem being faced by the mills is so acute that in most of the cases, the mills are unable to clear their legal liabilities.The banks are reluctant to advance to the sugar mills in view of the general situation. 550 more, so that the sugar mill owners benefitted Rs. Our sugar industry has the potential for greater contribution to national exports and savings in foreign exchange spendings on petroleum imports. (iii) There are transport delays in transporting sugarcane to factories, with the result that it loses its sugar content. A sugar factory has to deal with around 15,000 cane farmers/suppliers. It creates the monopoly of Mill owner. >> Majority of the politicians in Pakistan are the owners of sugar mills. << /F0 3 0 R Table 7.13 . The humanitarian dimensions of the media’s economic crisis are much too evident to be discounted. Consumption trends in Pakistan show that Pakistani nation is obsessed for sugar. >> 3 0 obj diesel and related factors. M.A Siddiqui Government issues export permits to mills. The other reason is that the farmers tend to operate a rotating crop pattern. News  MALIK, K. B. For the last three years the sugar industry in Pakistan and specially in Sindh is facing an unprecedented crisis. For the last three years the sugar industry in Pakistan and specially in Sindh is facing an unprecedented crisis. It again is a tendency towards monopoly. Government has failed to adopt measures to tackle this issue. This is also increasing the costs for the mill owners. There are many reasons why the mill owners manipulate the situation in such a way. << 7 billion during 1984-85. Export of Molasses from 1996-2006 . Check NTN /Type /Font Mill owners usually delay payments to the farmers. If we will be having high yielding varieties of these cane sugars... We also do not have the initial working capital. To achieve this objective, there must be productive zones for each sugar mill. Sugar can be produced from sugarcane, sugar-beet or any other crop having sugar content. endobj There is lack of planning at governmental level that they even could not strike a balance between imports and exports. 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 However, for the last few years, there is a confrontation between growers and millers over the issue of price. The zoning system has been abolished which has had a dampening effect on the sugar factory owners and made them indifferent. Export potential exists and it should be pursued vigorously. The output of these factories was not sufficient for meeting the domestic requirements. | Perception of Respondents regarding Problems Faced by . The sugar industry should have large research and demonstration farms, where new improved varieties be developed. Pakistan witnessed shrinkage of cane planted area by 12.5% which resulted a shortfall in sugarcane production during 1999-2000 as compared to the bumper crop of 55.191 million tons of last season 1998-99. The average capacity utilization of the sugar mills during the last five years remained 70 to 74%. The cost of raw materials per ton of sugar in Sindh at 8.70% recovery at Rs 43 per 40 kgs cane price works out to Rs 12,356 whereas in After Textiles, sugar industry in Pakistan is the largest agro based industry, annual crushing capacity of over 6.1 million tones. |  777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 Sugar crisis in Pakistan, in Pakistan. Most of the meetings between growers, millers and the government remain unfruitful as everything is done on ad hoc basis. Consequently human resource management increases in importance even more. Adeel Malik, “sugar and politics”. When mill owners start exporting sugar then it became difficult to cater the needs of sugar at National level. That’s why most of farmers switch from sugar to other profitable crops. After exporting sugar at relatively low prices, government import it at relatively higher prices in case of shortage. In fact, the answers to these questions lie with the government. According to the Sugarcane Act 1935, it is the duty of mill owners to fetch sugarcane from their respective zones or farms but the process is entirely different from this. /Length 8 0 R It reduce water content in the sugarcane which affects its weight and hence reduction in price. (1998) Spread of unknown varieties-A warning to Punjab sugar industry, Pakistan Sugar Journal, Vol. Last year the industry had to suffer a loss of Rs. If the sugarcane prices are increased so should the sugar prices so as to compensate the mill owners as well as their costs are increased while the selling price is still kept the same. The sugar recovery is 8.5% against obtained recovery of 10.5%. Sugar cane is the primary raw material for production of sugar. But for that our costs have to be brought down drastically to match the world prices of $ 200 per ton. It is the matter of great concern that despite having a strong industrial and agriculture base, the sugar industry is operating below 70% of its capacity There is a gaping wedge of over 10,000 MT/day between the demand and supply of sugar, which is the basic cause of recent sugar crisis. Agri Overview   All About   777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 /Resources << This results in hoarding and shortage of sugar. This acute shortage of water resulted in 65% reduction in productivity. |  Per capita consumption data shows that it has also risen from 22.2 kg in 1995 to 25.8 kg in 2004-5. Pakistan Sugar Industry: Summary of Issues The sugar industry of Pakistan is one of the largest industries in the country and employs a large number of people in both managerial and blue-collar positions. They manipulate the situation in such a way that they get the maximum benefit. Dawn 24 August 2009. This number has to increase to create a better image of our industry in the international market as a quality conscious industry. Sugar apparently is also the second most important cash crop in Pakistan after wheat. << Millers should help these growers in seed cane availability, fertilizers and pesticides on loan basis as some millers are already doing it in Sindh and Punjab on a very small scale. The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has decided to make amendments to the Sugar Factories Control Act 1950, ARY News, Packaging Manager Al Majed For Oud Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Job Description Create and update a project tracker, in conjunction with Corelle, Female Accountant and Admin Confidential Company Dubai, UAE Job Description Preferable Filipino Nationals• Preparing daily reports • Assisting in accounts receivable. Currently, there is more than one million hectares of land used for sugarcane cultivation which produces more than three million tonnes of white sugar annually. Time of crushing sugarcane is inherently economical. This creates a liquidity problem for the mill owners. The alcohol is chiefly used as a substitute for petrol in alcohol powered vehicles, and as an additive to petrol to improve its performance. 180 per mound, a recovery level of 10.5 percent is a bench mark for economic viability of sugar industry. This is sheer injustice. endobj All blogs are written independently by each writer .Under no circumstances Khilji & Co, Chartered Accountants bears no responsibility or necessarily agrees with the views of any authors. “Sugar crisis in Pakistan”, in Pakistan, Sectoral Analysis of Sugar Industry with Special Reference to Price Hike, Directorate General of Training and Research (Inland Revenue) Lahore. Gradually they are moving away from the farming of sugarcane to other crops which are beneficial in every respect from low water consumption to early payment. | Immunisation programmes must include more women... A NATIONAL Assembly panel rightly postponed the clearance of the proposed China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Authority... ELECTIONEERING in Gilgit-Baltistan is in full swing as the region prepares to go to the polls on Sunday. These farms should be run by qualified crops experts to ensure sustainable growth and ensure improvement in yields of quality canes. 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 /Subtype /Type1 Company Name Search, Plot 2, Mezzanine Floor, Khumrial Plaza, I&T Center Street 22, Sector G-8/4, Islamabad, Email: |, © Copyright 2020 Khilji & Co Chartered Accountants,, As far as the processing of sugarcane is concerned the farmers cannot process it in the fields or at their own at farm level. Pakistan is one of the main producers of sugar worldwide. 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 However, this is the time when the patient is to be taken out from coma and vitamins could be suggested later on. prices of raw materials, depressed international prices, excessive imports during the year 2000-2001, demand and supply factors and dual policy in fixation of cane price in Sindh and Punjab. Usage of inadequate dose of fertilizer and insecticides and pesticides. Challenges: (i) The industry is seasonal, so getting labour becomes difficult. As a fuel extender in South Africa, production of ethanol from sugarcane has saved sugar from unprofitable exports, and it has a number of advantages for cane sugar industry, especially in providing new jobs in rural areas.

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