N O M L B C/O - complains of, care of 11. What does PT stand for in Payroll? AET – Advanced Exercise TherapistART – Active Release TechniquesATC – Athletic Trainer, CertifiedCAFS – Certification in Applied Functional Science®CAPP-OB – Certificate of Achievement in Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical TherapyCAPP-Pelvic – Certificate of Achievement in Pelvic Physical TherapyCCI – Certified Clinical InstructorCCM – Certified Case ManagerCCP – Clinical Certification ProgramCCS – Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Certified Specialist *CCVT- Certified Clinical Vestibular TherapistCDE – Certified Diabetes EducatorCEAS -Certified Ergonomic Assessment SpecialistCEES – Certified Ergonomic Evaluator SpecialistCFCE – Certified Functional Capacity EvaluatorCFMT – Certified Functional Manual TherapistCHC – Certified in Healthcare ComplianceCHT – Certified Hand TherapistCKTP -Certified Kinesio Taping PractitionerCLT – Certified Lymphedema TherapistCOMT – Certified Orthopedic Manual TherapistCPHQ – Certified Professional in Healthcare QualityCPHRM – Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk ManagementCPT – Certified Personal TrainerCPT – Certified Pilates TeacherCREX – Certification in Rehabilitative ExerciseCSCS – Certified Strength and Conditioning SpecialistCST – Craniosacral Therapist/TherapyCST-D – Craniosacral Therapy DiplomateCVT – Clinical Vestibular TherapistCWCE – Certified Work Capacity EvaluatorCWS® – Certified Wound SpecialistCYI – Certified Yoga InstructorCYT – Certified Yoga TherapistDMT – Doctor of Manual TherapyDWC® – Diabetic Wound CertifiedECS – Clinical Electrophysiologic Certified Specialist *EdD – Doctor of EducationFAAOMPT – Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical TherapistsFAFS – Fellow of Applied Functional Science®FCE – Functional Capacity EvaluatorFOC – Functional Orthopedic CertificationGCFP – Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionerGCS – Geriatric Certified Specialist *HHP – Holistic Health PractitionerJSCC – Jones Strain Counterstrain CertifiedLLE® – Lymphedema Lower Extremity CertifiedLMP – Licensed Massage PractitionerLMT – Licensed Massage TherapistMBA – Master of Business AdministrationMDT – Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy®MHA – Master of Healthcare AdministrationMTC – Manual Therapy CertifiedNCS – Neurologic Certified Specialist *NDT – Neuro-developmental Treatment CertifiedOCS – Orthopedic Certified Specialist *PAS – Postural Alignment SpecialistPCS – Pediatric Certified Specialist *PhD – Doctor of PhilosophyRHIA – Registered Health Information AdministratorSCS – Sports Certified Specialist *WCC® – Wound Care CertifiedWCS – Women’s Certified Specialist * * Designates an official certification within the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties, BSPT – bachelor of science in physical therapyCDE – certified diabetes educatorCOTA – certified occupational therapy assistantDPT – doctor of physical therapyLPT – licensed physical therapistMD – medical doctorMPT – master of physical therapyOT – occupational therapist/therapyOTA – occupational therapy assistantOTD – occupational therapy doctorateOTR/L – occupational therapist, registered/licensedPT – physical therapist/therapyDPT – doctor of physical therapyPTA – physical therapist assistantRN – registered nurseRPT – registered physical therapistRT – respiratory therapist/therapySLP – speech-language pathologist/pathologySLPA – speech-language pathology assistant. F ADM - admission, admitted 4. Stay on top of the latest rehab therapy tips, trends, and best practices with our weekly blog digest. If you find an abbreviation confusing, contact your doctor, nurse or pharmacy. Physical therapy abbreviations are frequently used by PTs and PTAs to denote various movements, devices, viewpoints, anatomical landmarks, surgical procedures, and even professional certifications. AAROM – active assistive range of motionABD – abductionAC – acromioclavicularACDF – anterior cervical discectomy and fusionACJ – acromioclavicular jointACL – anterior cruciate ligamentAD – assistive deviceADD – adductionADL – activity/activities of daily livingAFO – ankle foot orthosisAICD – automated implantable cardiac defibrillatorAKA – above-knee amputationAmb – ambulationA/P – anterior/posteriorAROM – active range of motionB – bilateralBID – twice a dayBKA – below-knee amputationc (with a line over it) – withCABG – coronary artery bypass graft (open heart surgery)CGA – contact guard assistCKC – closed kinetic chainC/O – complains ofCP – cold pack, cerebral palsyCPM – continuous passive motionCTx – cervical tractionDDD – degenerative disc diseaseDF – dorsiflexionDJD – degenerative joint diseaseEEG – electroencephalogramEOB – edge of bedER – external rotationEstim or ES – electrical stimulationEV – eversionEx – exerciseEx Lap – exploratory laparotomy or laparoscopyExt (or /) – extensionFIM – functional independence level (also called FIM score)Flex (or ✓) – flexionFWB – full weight-bearingFx – fractureFWW – front-wheeled walkerGHJ – glenohumeral jointHEP – home exercise programHKAFO – hip-knee-ankle foot orthosisHNP – herniated nucleus pulposus (herniated disc)H/o – history ofHOB – head of bedHoriz – horizontalHP – hot packHVGS – high-voltage galvanic stimulationHx – historyI (or Ind) – independentI&D – incision and drainage (debridement)ICD-10 – 10th revision: International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health ProblemsInv – inversionIonto – iontophoresisIR – internal rotationITB – iliotibial bandKAFO – knee ankle foot orthosisL – leftLAQ – long-arc quadLBQC – large-base quad caneLCL – lateral collateral ligamentLE – lower extremityLOA – level of assistLOS – length of stayLP – leg pressLSO – lumbosacral orthosisLTG – long-term goalsMax A – maximum assistMCL – medial collateral ligamentMD – medical doctorMFR – myofascial releaseMHP – moist hot packMin A – minimum assistMm – muscleMMT – manual muscle testMob – mobilizationMod I – modified independentNBQC – narrow base quad caneNDT – neuro-developmental techniqueNMES – neuromuscular electrical stimulationNWB – non-weight bearingOKC – open kinetic chainOOB – out of bedPCL – posterior cruciate ligamentPF – plantarflexionPfin – paraffin bathPFS – patellofemoral syndromePhono – phonophoresisPMX (or PMHx) – past medical historyPNF – proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitationPro – pronationPROM – passive range of motionPt – patientPUW – pick-up walkerPWB – partial weight bearingPD – peritoneal dialysisPEG – percutaneous endoscopic gastrotomyPICC – peripherally inserted central catheterPLIF – posterior lumbar interbody fusionQ – everyQC – quad caneQD – every dayQID – four times a dayR – rightRC – rotator cuffRD – radial deviationRICE – rest, ice, compression, elevationRN – registered nurseROM – range of motionRot – rotationRT – respiratory therapist/therapyRW – rolling walkerRx – treatmentS (with a line over a lower cased S) – withoutSAQ – short arc quadSB – side bending (or Swiss ball)SBA – stand-by assistSBQC – small base quad caneSC – straight caneSLR – straight leg raiseSPC – single-point caneSTM – soft tissue mobilizationSTS – sit-to-standSup – supinationSW – standard walkerTB – TheraBand, tuberculosisTDWB – touch-down weight bearingTENS – transcutaneous electrical neuromuscular stimulationTHA – total hip arthroplastyTher Ex – therapeutic exerciseTHR – total hip replacementTID – three times a dayTKA – total knee arthroplastyTKR – total knee replacementTLSO – thoracic lumbar sacral orthosisTLIF – transforaminal lumbar interbody fusionTM – treadmillTMJ – temporomandibular jointTotal A – total assistTrxn – tractionTTWB – toe-touch weight bearingUBE – upper body ergometerUD – ulnar deviationUE – upper extremityUS – ultrasoundWBAT – weight bearing as toleratedWBQC – wide-base quad caneWC (or w/c) – wheelchairWFL – within functional limitsWNL – within normal limitsWW – wheeled walker4WW – four-wheeled walker# – pounds. Get the top PT abbreviation related to Medical. This tool—which is built into WebPT—automatically changes designated abbreviations into their full-text equivalents. Comment ajouter mes sources ? Stay current on all things rehab therapy. Then, we’ll move on to professional designations. If you want to build a successful physical therapy clinic, there are a few non-negotiables you’ll want... 7 Invisible Reasons Patients Aren’t Choosing Your PT Practice. Physical therapy abbreviations are frequently used by PTs and PTAs to denote various movements, devices, viewpoints, anatomical landmarks, surgical procedures, and even professional certifications. Medical staff sometimes use the same abbreviations to mean different things. What does PT stand for in Medical? Find out what is the full meaning of PT on Abbreviations.com! © 1988-2020, 'point' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations … What does PT stand for? PT professionals often jokingly refer to the jumble of letters following our names as “the alphabet soup of physical therapy.” Indeed, if you consider the many designations and certifications out there, it can start to look excessive! "global warming" Again, this is not an exhaustive list, and we know the educational opportunities available to PT professionals are always evolving. Trouble d’accumulation compulsive : en quoi consiste-t-il ? There are many different abbreviations floating around out there, and we felt it made sense to create a comprehensive guide to PT shorthand.This article is divided into two sections: clinical terminology and professional terminology. Feedback, The World's most comprehensive professionally edited abbreviations and acronyms database, Partido dos Trabalhadores (Brazilian Worker's Party), Projection Television (various companies), Partido del Trabajo (Spanish: Workers' Party), Power Transformer (electrical engineering), Pendidikan Tinggi (Indonesian: Higher Education), Principles of Technology (physics course), Poker Tracker (software program for online poker players), Personal Transportation (Chrysler's PT Cruiser), Performance Technologies (various locations), Post- og Teletilsynet (Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority), Perda Total (Brazilian Portuguese: total loss of a insured vehicle), Protección Total (Spanish: Total Protection; various locations), Poste e Telecomunicazioni (Italian: Posts and Telecommunications), Perseroan Terbatas (Indonesian: Limited Liability Company), Prohibited Transaction (qualified retirement plans), Pain and Torture (nickname for physical therapy), Primary Therapist (mental health therapist), Pulse Transformer (electrical component in switched power supplies), Palatin Technologies, Inc (pharmaceuticals), Professional Tutorials (India MBA Coaching Institute), Personal Trooper (anime, Super Robot Wars), Perusahaan Terbatas (Indonesian: Limited Business), President Thai (Pasadena, California restaurant), Puthiya Tamizhagam (Tamil Nadu political movement), Parti de Travailleurs (Workers' Party, Algeria), Patrol Vessel, Motor Torpedo Boat (US Navy), Point Tender (medical, palpating to determine fracture), Pollination Technician (Alien characters in the Sims 2 game), Project Tanager (Cornell Lab of Ornithology), Praemisso Titulo (Latin: mention before the title), (USN Rating) Photographic Intelligenceman, Patrick Thistle (Scottish football team; UK). Fulfill every rehab therapy business need within one platform. We’ll start with the abbreviations that are generally used in clinical practice and documentation. Payroll PT abbreviation meaning defined here. Abbreviations commonly found in medical records. GIST : tumeur stromale gastro-intestinale, GLI : grossesse de localisation indéterminée, GNEM : glomérulonéphrite extramembraneuse, GNMP : glomérulonéphrite membranoproliférative, GNRP : glomérulonéphrite rapidement progressive, IECA : inhibiteur de l'enzyme de conversion de l'angiotensine, INBP : infection néonatale bactérienne précose, IPSN : institut pour la protection de la santé naturelle, IRCT : insuffisance rénale chronique terminale, ISR : isochores, symétriques et réactives (pupilles), ITA : immunothérapie allergénique (désensibilisation), IVG : insuffisance ventriculaire gauche ou, LEMP : leucoencéphalopathie multifocale progressive, LMG : lobe moyen gauche (poumons) ; NB : le lobe moyen gauche n'existe que lorsque le cœur est à droite dans le, LSE : (repos ou maintien au) lit strict élargi, MEOPA : mélange équimolaire d'oxygène et de protoxyde d'azote, MHC : masque à haute concentration (masque d', MICI : maladies inflammatoires chroniques de l'intestin, NOIAA : neuropathie optique ischémique antérieure aigüe, PINS : pneumopathie interstitielle non spécifique, PMD : psychose maniaco-dépressive (appelée dorénavant, QS : question spécifique, abréviation fréquemment utilisée dans les livres de préparation à l', RBNP : rétinopathie diabétique non proliférante, RBP : rétinopathie diabétique proliférante, RBPP : rétinopathie diabétique préproliférante, RSOSi recherche de sang occulte dans les selles, RTU : recommandations temporaires d'utilisation, SAHOS : syndrome des apnées et hypopnées obstructives du sommeil, SCPD : symptômes comportementaux et psychologiques de la démence, SIAT : service d'information sur les adaptations techniques (de, SSPO : salle de surveillance post-opératoire, TAAN : test d'amplification des acides nucléiques (, TCCNA : traumatisme craniocérébral non accidentel, THM : Traitement hormonal de la ménopause, TRAPS : Tumor necrosis factor Receptor Associated Periodic Syndrome, TSLO : trouble spécifique du langage oral, TVIM : tumeur vésicale infiltrant le muscle, TVNIM : tumeur vésicale n'infiltrant pas le muscle, UDIV : utilisateur de drogue intraveineuse, UMASP : unité mobile d'accompagnement et de, UNACS : union nationale des associations citoyennes de santé.

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