Along with these burgeoning risks, supply-chain and sales-channel disruptions are forcing companies to make rapid decisions on new business relationships. This dataset is geared directly toward the early detection of likely operational and financial deficiencies among third parties, providing users with broader and more targeted depictions of likely financial risk before new business partners are engaged. Steele’s Risk Intelligence Data platform was designed with a laser focus on the issues bearing the greatest impact on companies today. Risk Intelligence Platform. This is peace of mind scarcely found in today’s world, and it secures exponential returns by freeing up employees to focus on matters beyond data management. Steele has long been at the forefront of these efforts, and its Risk Intelligence Data platform aims to be the next logical step in this progression toward keeping the global business community safe and informed. Strider Shield is the world’s only economic statecraft threat detection system that enables organizations to leverage our proprietary risk signal data to identify and mitigate nation-state directed talent recruitment and intellectual property theft. Steele’s Risk Intelligence Data platform was designed with a laser focus on the issues bearing the greatest impact on companies today. Compliance officials have an urgent need to meet their compliance and reporting obligations in a manner that is both simple and comprehensive, but to do so, they must think one step ahead of would-be wrongdoers. Tags: artificial intelligencerisk data intelligenceSteele Compliance Solutions, Episode 168 — Review of Merit Medical False Claims Act Settlement, Webinar: The Nuts and Bolts of OFAC Sanctions Compliance. Using Strider, you are able to better protect your team and innovation, while constructing a partner ecosystem built on mutual trust. It is easy to see how this rush to adapt can reveal fissures in third-party vetting procedures and applicable risk controls. Our products enable customers to secure their innovation and compete in a new era of global strategic competition. Representative Applied AI use cases of HOLMES with ecosystem, Business resilience with Wipro HOLMES™ solutions for pandemic assistance. As such, the need for immediate access to, and thorough integral analyses of, real-time risk and compliance data cannot be understated. With Strider Shield, you’ll gain access to millions of risk signal data points, delivered via API or an encrypted file, along with secure search, and access to profiles related to each risk signal. Use automation to transform risk and compliance management. Our platform can be deployed without the need to touch your network or data. The Strider platform is a comprehensive solution that enables organizations to identify, manage, and mitigate personnel and third-party risk outside the cyber domain. Risk Intelligence Data was further designed with the knowledge that compliance success must continue moving and adapting to function properly. Get a complete view of your risk and compliance posture, without the inefficiencies of manual processes. Often in compliance, as in life, change is the only true constant. Strider Shield also offers the option to deploy fully disconnected from Strider and operated 100% inside your company’s firewall. Beyond the Cyber Domain. The legal and regulatory environment has made risk management a leading concern for company boards. In essence, Risk Intelligence Data’s massive data coverage is backed by smart analytical tools that link various financial, legal, historical, and contextual data to isolate often overlooked indicia of underlying misconduct with precision and reduced incidence of false positives.

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