Observe the times required to achieve 95 percent of a stable response for both the low-level and upscale gases. Consequently, the procedure described here for the measurement of total digestible starch (TDS) forms the basis of the current method for available carbohydrates. Backscatter: The scattering of laser light in a direction opposite to that of the incident laser beam due to reflection from particulates along the beam's atmospheric path which may include a smoke plume. In this equation, the term “Cs” refers to the diluted calibration gas concentration measured by the analyzer. The combined residues from alcohol precipitation of the PAA/AMG incubation mixtures (the RS fractions) were suspended in 40 ml of 1.7 M NaOH, heated at 50°C for 30 min, and then neutralized by addition of 160 ml of 600 mM sodium acetate buffer (pH 3.8) plus 5 mM CaCl2; the pH was ~5.3. Knoll, and M.R. Open the stopcocks to the reaction bulbs, and let the entire system come to atmospheric pressure. 2.6 Opacity Calculation and Data Analysis. 3.3.3 High-Level Gas means a calibration gas with a concentration that is equal to the calibration span. K‐AVCHO). This update (McCleary, Sloane & Draga, 2015) was successfully subjected to interlaboratory evaluation under the auspices of AOAC International and ICC to become AOAC Method 2017.16 and ICC Method 185 (McCleary 2018; McCleary, Cox, Ivory, & Delaney, 2018). Consistent with the Codex Alimentarius definition of dietary fiber, this RS is included as part of dietary fiber. When measuring the opacity of emissions from rectangular outlets (e.g., roof monitors, open baghouses, noncircular stacks, etc. 6.3.3 Erlenmeyer Flask. EPS10, Danger Ammonium Sulfate Symbol Sign, Vector Illustration, Isolate On White Background Label. Repeat this fill/evacuation procedure at least twice to flush the manifold completely. Then inject samples and a blank. For Fibersym®, glucose was ~92% of the total carbohydrate value, clearly demonstrating that the hydrolyzate still contained ~8% of chemically modified glucose/gluco‐oligosaccharides that is resistant to hydrolysis to glucose by AMG and thus not measured by the glucose‐specific GOPOD reagent. The solution was then neutralized with acetate buffer, and α‐amylase (280 U) was added and incubated at 100°C for 30 min. 6.2.1 Magnetic Stirrer. Scaling is non-surgical, but it is a different type of procedure from a standard dental cleaning because it involves cleaning the areas of the tooth below the gum line. Same as Method 5, section 8.3, with the following exceptions: 8.3.1 Use Figure 8-1 instead of Figure 5-1. This time is in line with the reported time of residence of food in the human small intestine (Camalilleri et al., 2010; Deiteren et al., 2010; Geboes et al., 2003; Geypens et al., 1999; Miller et al., 1997; Sadik et al., 2003; Stotzer & Abrahamsson, 2010; Zarate et al., 2010). 3.1 Analyzer Calibration Error, for non-dilution systems, means the difference between the manufacturer certified concentration of a calibration gas and the measured concentration of the same gas when it is introduced into the analyzer in direct calibration mode. Alternatively, either of the procedures for determining conversion efficiency using NO in section 16.2 may be used. An aliquot (0.5 ml) of PAA/AMG solution (0.4 KU PAA plus 0.17 KU AMG) was added to each tube, and the tubes were capped tightly and attached horizontally, aligned in the direction of motion (Figure 1) in a shaking water bath set at 37°C (Note: If an (NH4)2SO4 suspension of this enzyme preparation [PAA, 2 KU/ml; AMG, 0.83 KU/ml in 50% w/v ammonium sulfate] was used, the sample was suspended in 3.8 ml of sodium maleate buffer and 0.2 ml of enzyme suspension was added.). 10.4.2 Measure the absorbance of the standards and a water blank as instructed in section 11.5. 7.1 Calibration Gas. Photopic (daylight spectral response of the human eye - Citation 3). 7.2.3 Sodium Hydroxide, 0.5 N. Dissolve 20 g of NaOH in water, and dilute to 1 liter.

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