Check your drive's warranty status and browse our warranty related documentation. It is super weird because all the sudden it just stopped working and all the games that were on it got put into the "ready to install" list. I had the same issue twice, after the second time I quit using the external. BUT now my Seagate 3TB drive isn't being detected at all. I had mine do something like this and it ended up just needing the view reset. I've only have had this seagate external drive for 6 months. Seagate Support Home - Find important support related documentation, see our popular downloads, and browse our top support articles. Start everything back up, wait for the Xbox to boot then plug the USB cable back in. Your one source for all things Xbox on Reddit! I'd love to know what causes it it's so weird. To be able to play and save games on the drive it must meet the following requirements: If the drive does not meet these requirements you will not be able to save or play games to the drive . The blue light on the drive is flashing - it didn't do this with my PC. It seems to be an issue not with the hard drive, but with the Xbox's ability to recognize the hard drive is plugged in. . Power everything down completely, removing the cables/cords from the wall for a couple of minutes. Been using a Western Digital 1TB since 2014, never had a single problem. When I was moving games between my two Xbox, the drive suddently became invisible/not detected. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn't. The first time the USB drive is connected to the Xbox One, it will prompt to reformat the drive for use with games and apps. If its still happening, then its probably an issue with the enclosure... should probably take advantage of that warranty. If the drive is still having issues take it to a Windows machine and run. I was using the one that came in the box originally, maybe it was just a cheap one idk. I'm sure you have already thought of this but have you double checked in the app to make sure you're sorting the view by all storage and not just internal? Browse and download the latest software, apps, utilities, plug-ins and content. The Game Drive for Xbox can be used to play or view media through the Xbox One. I am going to see if I can fix it tomorrow and if not I'll try to replace it. This article covers basic setup and troubleshooting for the Game Drive for Xbox One. It was working fine until yesterday I was on the "games and apps" menu and suddenly all the 97 games from my 2TB seagate drive got moved to "ready to install" and the only games showing up installed are the few I have on my internal storage. I've been having a lot of trouble with my game drive since yesterday. Select the drive and choose to format for ‘Games and Apps’. On Windows 10 it was also not detected, so I tried on MacOS, it worked. However -as mentioned here before- the fact that the drive seems to normally spin up sounds more like a connection issue or the drive/Xbox somehow froze otherwise... We do hope one of the suggested solution works - otherwise since your drive is well within warranty, we would ask you to please enter your drive info HERE and open up a support case. My computer detects it but the Xbox won't, even with port moving and hard resets. I spent an hour with Xbox support and they couldn't figure it out, but the WD support rep I spoke to said the drive was working fine. I saw a video suggesting that and nearly ordered a cable but then went "but it's always worked up til now! Seagate external hard drive not working or not detected issue is top concerned among worldwide Seagate users. I disabled that and haven't had any issues since. I formated it using the standard MacOS format for drives, plugged back the drive into the Xbox and it worked :). If the drive is plugged into a USB hub try removing from the hub and plugging it directly into the XBox. Linked in. You can then view the content using Media Player: After selecting the drive, you should be able to play the media that is saved on the drive. Might be a easy fix if it's common. Self-service tools targeted to the needs of your business. Seagate Technology | Official Forums Team, SkyHawk Drives for Surveillance Applications, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. No such problems back when you didn't need to install to console! To protect your data make sure to turn the Xbox One off prior to unplugging the drive. Had a similar problem with an SSD having an intermittent connection, replaced the enclosure and never had another issue. Quite recently I have purchased Seagate’s Xbox one hard drive. What's the problem here? Movies, music and pictures can be saved to the drive and played on your television using the Xbox One media player. Click. Mine did this a while ago, I had to reformat it on my laptop then plug it back into the Xbox and reconfigure it to be used on there again - it’s been fine since. Enclosure as in the casing of the external drive? I'll try plugging it into my Mac and see what happens. I've tired a hard reset, and plugging the seagate drive into another USB port on my Xbox. This usually works for me. The Xbox One requires a specific format on the USB drive in order to play & save games on the drive. Twitter Let us know if you find anything else out, good luck! For additional information and troubleshooting, see these Microsoft articles: CORTX: Intelligent Object Storage Software, Lyve Drive Rack: Converged Infrastructure, Application & Storage Convergence Platforms, Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S, Game Drive for Xbox Cyberpunk 2077 Special Edition, Game Drive for Xbox Special Edition Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Game Drive for Xbox Game Pass Special Edition, Game Drive for PlayStation Marvel Avengers Limited Edition, Game Drive for PlayStation Last of Us Part II Limited Edition, Rethink Data: Put More of Your Business Data to Work. This will allow you to play and save games on the drive but formatting the drive will erase any data that may be on the drive. Normally, the external hard drive should be detected by the Operating System and viable for storing all types of files, without the need for drivers, software, or firmware updates. I've for sure been looking into the warranty. The easiest way to fix it is to plug it into your PC if you have one and let the hard drive get formatted for the PC. Once the drive format is complete, it can be used to save play/save games and apps. When i plug it into my Xbox it doesn't ask to format it or anything, all it does is pops up a notification that says "External Media storage ready". sorry to hear you are having some issues with your Xbox game drive! It gets recognized by my laptop but not the Xbox, plus the light doesn’t light up at all. Your one source for all things Xbox on Reddit! The only preventative solution I could find was to disable the option turn off storage when Xbox is off. Press J to jump to the feed. If you are not prompted to format the drive, you can manually initiate the format process using the following menu selections: The drive should be detected under ‘Manage Storage’.

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