Any advice on pairing Rockport Gray with Jet/Virginia Mist granite? In order to see all our in-post video content, ad blockers must be turned off. (not the ones on my head!) Hi Ginny! These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. So glad that I found you on pinterest! Well of course I always love Cloud White. It’s best suited to a home with frontal northern exposure. But I guess I’d choose seal grey so it won’t be soo dark in there. This is overwhelming!!! The room is 11×10 and gets the morning sun. This is the only blog that I follow that puts out quality informative content almost every day, no fluff. If that interests you, please check out my E-design packages, fun and affordable! Love your blog and website, beautiful display of visual decorating tips and color. Thanks, It’s easy to make your nightstand beautiful as well as practical. I love the warmth/brown undertones of the Rockport which pairs nicely with black counters. ~Kylie. "https:" : "http:"; Do you think its a bad choice for exterior stucco? PS Emily, this is not at all to say that I don’t adore your content… I have remained a faithful daily reader and your voice, of course, is the one that keeps me coming back Plus, as a Lady Boss myself I know just how much talent/experience/effort it takes to select the RIGHT team… That’s a FEAT in and of itself! My furniture is Ikea glossy white with silver legs. Rockport Gray, when compared with Chelsea Gray, is not only lighter, it appears softer and more muted. You can darken it by 25% if you want a bit more contrast with your white trim (which is what I did in the above bathroom), Classic Gray is a warm gray, but it doesn’t have enough beige/warmth in it to be greige. I’ve seen Pashmina look quite similar to that – but really, that’s just a quick thought. I took it to Home Depot and had them color match, but it was a failure, the color did not came out the same. This is the best name ever, if I go with that grey you know I will be stealing that pun for the post I think I am a big fan of Ken Doll as well, but we will see which color goes up on the walls. Then there are the three very visible garage doors. This way I can take a look at your photos/questionnaire and come up with paint colours that actually make sense – rather than just guessing! Since we’re nitpicking, the example you gave actually is possessive, and therefore would require an apostrophe. The baseboards will be 3 3/4 inchs. If you can imagine,I have two spaces. HELP! I love Revere Pewter, but i don’t want to paint my entire house that color (although it would look great in all my rooms). Is it north facing? When it comes to personal questions there is a lot more for me to consider, otherwise I’m just guessing! Normally I’d send you there, but maybe I can give you a few quick ideas to put you in the right direction! I plan on adding colors of rich light to medium blues for carpet, cloths etc. ~Kylie. Hope that helps you out! Still love you Brady, and def appreciate the overview of grays. Classic Gray might wash out just a bit in the morning, so if you go for it I would darken it by 25% to give it a bit more depth. I tried 25% lighter, but again it looks cold, boring and flat. I mean, off the top of my head ASphalt could work, but I can’t really say without seeing your home! I’m thinking Charcoal Slate. I’m like, are you color blind dude? Hi Kylie, your blog posts are extremely helpful – thank you! Hi Rachel, I would love to help but have been swamped with my day-to-day business and my Online Consulting. “Hardwick White is quite moody yet warm, and it changes colors in different lights, as Farrow & Ball’s colors often do.”, Emma’s tip: Because this home is located on Lake Geneva in Switzerland, the colors surrounding it “range from grays to greens and blues of the water, moving to the natural lilacs and purples one sees in the wildflowers and heathers on the mountains,” Emma notes. I don’t know where to turn. (I told the painter to give me until Monday… LOL). We recently purchased a house built in 1989. It’s the magical background that makes everything look great. What color would you recommend so that it flows nicely and not too choppy? I want to repaint, I think I’m going to go with edgecomb gray?? My tiles are gray with some light blue. I am just beginning to get an understanding of how north facing vs south facing etc. In the picture you can see that without a lot of natural light it is a deep charcoal color, whereas on the right it leans a bit more greenish brown. Do check and I can get rolling! For that reason I’m going to lean you towards ‘warm neutrals’. My living room has south and west facing windows, very well lit. I think Kendall is too dark. Hi Kylie, Dear Emily Henderson, if the only problem you face while posting literally days after having a sweet (second) baby is a misused apostrophe – then I’d say you’re well on your way to be an even bigger success than you already are! I have hardwood flooring and tile in my bathrooms and kitchen – gray’s/white’s tile that looks like wood. That’s a favorite of mine, too. The tone we chose did not work in a large scale…it turned almost periwinkle in the afternoon/evening. I have a manchester tan in my living room with a peacock blue accent wall. Hi Mary! I’m back at it on Tuesday though! It was shot in the middle of the day. As for the cabinets, any thing that is part of the cabinet should be painted cabinet colour. Trout Gray is quickly becoming one of my new favorite colors because it’s so versatile for a dark rich color and it’s perfect for accent walls, cabinetry and interior doors. I have a white cabinet with white countertop and white trim.

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