Ceres, Odyss. Sanctified souls are as gardens, gardens of the Lord, enclosed for him. רקק. [1.] Not only thy love itself, but all the fruits and products of it, its working in the heart, its works in the life. This comparison is pursued, v. 12-14. The gracious call he gives her to come along with him as a faithful bride, that must forget her own people and her father’s house, and leave all to cleave to him. They cannot be fully seen, but as the stars through the thin clouds. 21:18 . Some render the words, "thou shalt come with me", &c.F21תבואי "venies", Pagninus, Montanus, Mercerus, Junius & Tremellius. SONG OF SOLOMON 4. Hist. l. 12. By the "gardens" may be meant particular distinct churches, such as were gathered in the first times of the Gospel, and since, as the churches of Asia, &c. separated from the world, and planted with trees of righteousness, such as are before described: and though there are many gardens or churches, there is but one "fountain" which supplies them all with gifts and grace, and that is Christ, and his fulness, the fountain from whence flow all grace, and the blessings of it: who also is the "well of living waters"; a well deep and large, fathomless and bottomless, dug by sovereign grace, and full of all grace; signified by "waters", for the abundance of it; and said to be "living", because by it dead sinners are quickened, and drooping saints revived; and is ever runningF5"Flumine vivo", Virgil. l. 1. v. 53. Eleg. 13. . de Saliis, c. 12. p. 69. so called, as in the Septuagint version of 1 Kings 14:26; these shields are armour of mighty men; mighty, through God and his grace, to perform mighty actions, and do great exploits; being furnished from the spiritual armoury with the whole armour of God, to repel Satan's temptations, to defend the Gospel, and refute error; particularly the ministers of the word are those mighty men; though it is applicable to all saints. Christ is the source which makes these gardens fruitful; even a well of living waters. Barthii Animadv. When our aims and intentions are sincere and honest, then we have doves’ eyes, when we look not unto idols (Eze. observes, some render. He does not say, “I’ll love you if you do this.” Sc. 3. v. 329. 8:11 . [3.] Calphurnius apud Bochart. (16). that appear from Mount Gilead; or rather "on Mount Gilead", as Noldius: Gilead was a mountain in the land of Israel, beyond Jordan, famous for pasturage for cattle, where flocks of goats were fed, as was usual on mountainsF19Theocrit. Barthii Animadv. there is no spot in thee; not that the saints have no sin in them; nor any committed by them; nor that their sins are not sins; nor that they have no spots in them, with respect to sanctification, which is imperfect; but with respect to their justification, as having the righteousness of Christ imputed to them, and covered with that spotless robe, they are considered as having no spot in them; God sees no sin in them, so as to reckon it to them, and condemn them for it; and they stand unblamable and unreproveable in his sight; and will be presented by Christ, both to himself and to his father, and in the view of men and angels, "not having spot or wrinkle, or any such thing", Ephesians 5:27, upon them.

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