Appetizer: polenta log, braised beef brisket, Entrée: pâté, mango licorice, thousand island dressing, pork shoulder, Dessert: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, marshmallow spread, Thai curry paste, chocolate covered espresso beans, Leigh Ann Kato, Freelance Chef from Los Angeles, CA (eliminated after the appetizer), Susie Blue McWilliam, Chef & Owner from Portland, OR (eliminated after the entrée), Josh Lewis, Head Chef from New York, NY (eliminated after the dessert), Daniel Sharp, Executive Chef from New York, NY (winner), Appetizer: pickled eggs, ramps, instant ramen noodles, calf eyeballs, Entrée: beef tongue, chimichurri sauce, shiitake mushrooms, boxed mac and cheese, Dessert: pig skin, baby food, margherita pizza, ostrich egg, Victoria Neikirk, Executive Chefs from Charleston, SC (eliminated after the appetizer), Tynan Gibson, Chef de Cuisine from Portland, OR (eliminated after the entrée), Emily Hahn, Executive Chef from Charleston, SC (eliminated after the dessert), Vandy Vanderwarker, Sous Chef from Charleston, SC (winner), Appetizer: skate wings, pomegranate molasses, purple asparagus, candied sardines. Notes: Each basket had seafood ingredients that are dangerous to obtain. Notes: The chefs were required to make dumplings of any form in each round. Teenagers compete in this tournament for a spot in the finale where they would win $25,000 and a $40,000 culinary school scholarship. Notes: The theme of this episode was ice cream in every round, with the chefs having to make ice cream in the dessert round. Chef Campbell is the daughter of Leslie Roark Scott, a finalist in the second season of Chopped Grill Masters. Notes: This was a Halloween themed episode. Dessert: banana chocolate frozen dessert, raspberries, Elisa Lyew, Chef & Restaurateur from Brooklyn, NY (eliminated after the appetizer), Melanie Brown-Lane, Executive Chef from Baltimore, MD (eliminated after the entrée), Rick Vanderplas, Private Chef & Owner from New York, NY (eliminated after the dessert), Adam Kenworthy, Private Chef from New York, NY (winner), Appetizer: chicken wings, curly fries, Chinese broccoli, Japanese whiskey, Entrée: (pre-cooked) turkey wings, hot sauces, (platter of) celery, carrots, & blue cheese, quinoa whiskey, Russell Stippich, Sous Chef from Denver, CO (eliminated after the appetizer), Chris Burnett, Head Sous Chef from Little Silver, NJ (eliminated after the entrée), Dasha Perez-Haney, Executive Chef from Denver, CO (eliminated after the dessert), Scott McDonald, Executive Chef from Jersey City, NJ (winner), Appetizer: cheeseburgers, haricot verts, potato tots, sweet tea, Entrée: chicken pot pie, watercress, pork chops, "stars & stripes" pasta, Paul Maloney, Executive Chef and Navy Veteran from Doswell, VA (eliminated after the appetizer), Candace Gracik, Executive Chef and Coast Guard Veteran from Los Lunas, NM (eliminated after the entrée), Jon Coombs, Sous Chef and Army Veteran from Ashburn, VA (eliminated after the dessert), Gary Gonzalez, Line Cook and Marine Veteran from Edison, NJ (winner), Appetizer: tilefish, roasted grapes, Chinese preserved vegetables, Yakisoba noodles, Entrée: (platter of) sausage & meatballs, chayote squash, tomato sorbet, fresh pasta dough, Cristian Petitta, Executive Chef from White Plains, NY (eliminated after the appetizer), Thach Tran, Executive Chef from Denver, CO (eliminated after the entrée), Zack Mills, Executive Chef from Baltimore, MD (eliminated after the dessert), Christina Jackson, Chef from Brooklyn, NY (winner), Appetizer: truffled mac & cheese, spigarello, pale ale, sliders, Entrée: purple potatoes, sangria artichokes, mortadella hot dogs, chili, Jon "DJ Dallas Green" Rosa, Caterer & DJ from Harlem, NY (eliminated after the appetizer), Dean Dupuis, Executive Chef from Washington D.C (eliminated after the entrée), Pete Santero, Culinary Arts Teacher from Passaic County, NJ (eliminated after the dessert), Carrie Eagle, Executive Chef from Albuquerque, NM (winner), Appetizer: soft-shell crabs, chocolate olive oil, pomegranate seeds, white chocolate-covered caviar, Entrée: milk chocolate mille crêpe cake, chocolate whiskey, pork shanks, purple spinach, Dessert: dark chocolate decadence cake, dark chocolate seaweed candy, pistachio cream, apricots, Jenny Dorsey, Chef from New York, NY (eliminated after the appetizer), Arnaud Devulder, Events Chef from New York, NY (eliminated after the entrée), Doug Wetzel, Executive Chef from Baltimore, MD (eliminated after the dessert), Brooke Siem, Pastry Chef & Restaurateur from New York, NY (winner), Appetizer: BLTs, marionberry jam, string beans, disco fries, Entrée: cube steak, beets, craft beer, deep-fried deviled eggs, Arleen Harkins, Executive Chef & Owner from Red Hook, NY (eliminated after the appetizer), Nonna Riekert, Chef from Collingswood, NJ (eliminated after the entrée), Mike Perseo, Executive Chef from Albuquerque, NM (eliminated after the dessert), Ype Von Hengst, Chef & Restaurateur from Rockville, MD (winner).

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