The last time, he was on the streets for two hours before he started using again. “Where did you learn that?” he asked angrily. Mendez dropped to his knees and listened. But that was only a prelude to a bigger explosion in violence. His relatives don’t know who killed him or why. Adela Navarro Bello, the director of Zeta magazine, which has long chronicled cartel activity in Tijuana, said such a view was shortsighted. There has been a spike in murders in Tijuana in 2018 compared to 2017, according to the UCSD Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies. But many here believe they are futile, and that time and resources would be better spent on intelligence-driven policing to identify those likely to carry out violence. “Now the growth is becoming concentrated” in some areas. Dealers are aggressive in recruiting potential customers. The interior department said over the weekend there were 15,973 homicides in the first six months of the year, compared with 13,751 killings in the same period in 2017. Islamic extremists in Mozambique blamed for beheading at least 50 people. At current levels, the department’s measure would put national homicides at 22 per 100,000 population by the end of the year – near the levels of Brazil and Colombia at 27 per 100,000. His parents, who toiled in the maquiladoras, warned him and his siblings to stay away from the narcos. By ousting President Martín Vizcarra this week, Peru’s lawmakers may also have put on hold the country’s best chance at reining in endemic corruption. The number is the highest since comparable records began being kept in 1997, including the peak year of Mexico’s drug war in 2011. Raids like these, conducted one night in December, are among the city’s primary tactics to reduce violence. This time he won five of them and closed the gap considerably in the rest. Soon the newly ascendant Jalisco New Generation Cartel muscled into Tijuana. In 2008, homicides in Tijuana hit a new high of 825. “Cinco bravo,” a dispatcher said. Crucially, traffickers also began offloading some of their product in Tijuana, paying local affiliates in drugs, which wound up on the streets for sale. The statistics makes Tijuana one of the deadliest cities in the world with 140 killings per 100,000 people. At 26, he had already lived longer than many — and he wondered how long his luck would last. Travelers considering a trip to Mexico don't often entertain thoughts of Tijuana. By the end of 2017, the number of murders in Tijuana increased to 1,744, which was almost double those in 2016. The central state of Guanajuato, home to the colonial city of San Miguel Allende, saw a 122% increase in homicides, which were running at a rate of about 40 per 100,000. Staying Safe from Violent Crime in Tijuana. Mexico has seen international resorts such as Acapulco and Zihuatanejo, both in Guerrero, dragged down by a reputation for violence in the past. Tijuana, BC : 24 Murders in the first 48 Hours of September Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta. Farmers in Guerrero say prices for opium paste have dropped to unprofitable levels because drug cartels are substituting it for cheaper, easier to obtain synthetic opioids like fentanyl. Please consider subscribing today to support stories like this one. Why? Last year, her brother Francisco decided she was right and tried to get clean. As a supervisor with the Tijuana Red Cross, Mendez is trained to save lives. Mendez grabbed his medical bag and broke into a sprint. Already a subscriber? Twenty years ago, when Castillo was a kid, the cartels that operated in Tijuana followed an established code. Hiltzik: The Pfizer vaccine news is exciting, but don’t throw away your mask yet. Their sister Esperanza Navarro, the lone girl of 10 siblings, went to the hospital or the morgue each time because her mother, a migrant from Guadalajara who cleaned houses for a living, was illiterate and could not fill out the paperwork. Developers of Sputnik V, Russia’s experimental COVID-19 vaccine, say early data suggest that it is 92% effective, but skeptics raise questions. Mexico’s decade-long war on drugs would never have been possible without the injection of American cash and military cooperation under the Merida Initiative. Homicides in Mexico rose by 16% in the first half of 2018, as the country again broke its own records for violence. They threw out the president. In the past, the body count was driven by powerful drug cartels battling over lucrative trafficking routes to the United States. Drugs — mostly marijuana and cocaine back then — were peddled to tourists in the seedy red-light district or exported to the U.S. “I’m so used to people just dying because they don’t pay, because they’re selling without permission, because they owed money,” Castillo said. Castillo, who until a few years ago held a good job at a Tijuana insurance company, didn’t attend any of the funerals. “Bring a stretcher!”. The father couldn’t afford the $370 a month treatment fee, so Chavez gave him a break. For more research found by UCSD Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies click here. But by late 2010, the killings had begun to subside and peace seemed to have returned. Security analyst Alejandro Hope noted: “The figures are horrible, but there are some signs that are halfway encouraging.”. The city had never experienced anything like it. As a local dealer in a dangerous neighborhood called Camino Verde, he knew that if he crossed from the hill where he lived to another one about half a mile away, he could be killed. historically violent states such as Guerrero. Now Peru’s anti-corruption drive looks in doubt. L.A. County declares new coronavirus surge, sparking increased alarms. Tijuana is a tough city with a statistically high crime rate. The Sinaloa cartel, headed by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, had tried to take over trafficking routes controlled by the Tijuana cartel and the results were deadly. (GUILLERMO ARIAS/AFP via Getty Images) A year earlier, when Tijuana got the same designation as the “most violent city in the world,” it had 138 murders per 100,000 residents. The buyers were gringos, not Mexicans. But in just over an hour that day last summer, he declared three young men dead. There has been a spike in murders in Tijuana in 2018 compared to 2017, according to the UCSD Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies. Tijuana, a city of 1.8 million that not long ago was celebrating a major reduction in violence, is in the grip of an unprecedented homicide crisis. At the state level, intentional and culpable homicides amount to 1,773 cases representing an increase of 36% compared to the same period from … His sister thinks he is using drugs again. Critics say the homicide crisis has gotten short shrift because most of the victims are addicts and dealers. Peña Nieto claimed to have killed or detained 110 of 122 of his government's most wanted narcos. A federal appeals court upholds a lower-court decision clearing Harvard University of intentional discrimination against Asian American applicants. He shook her by the shoulders. Available for everyone, funded by readers. Times staff photographer Gary Coronado and Cecilia Sanchez of The Times’ Mexico City bureau contributed to this report. Calderon said his government was winning the war on drugs — and that Tijuana was proof. Her father was alert and moaning when staffers wheeled him into the hospital. Then came a childhood friend of Castillo’s mother who had started selling drugs and was shot dead with her husband. I’ll start off by talking about many people’s biggest concern when visiting Tijuana, violent crime. Flies circled a pool of blood that had seeped from his head onto the sand. Homicides in Mexico rose by 16% in the first half of 2018, as the country again broke its own records for violence.. “The curve may be flattening out,” Hope noted, though he cautioned it was too early to tell. Behind the house, in a dusty alley, lay a young man dressed in shorts and dirty sneakers. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. “Stay calm.”. Hope noted that in about half of Mexico’s 32 states and the capital, murder rates did not rise much or at all. ‘I just want someone I can sit with and talk to on the couch and have a great time,’ I’d often remarked to my friends about what I’m looking for in a relationship. One day in August, he went to pick up his son, who was with his mother on the other hill. “We are living through a civil war.”. Australia is setting up an investigative agency to build criminal cases against special forces suspected of committing war crimes in Afghanistan. The European Union has unveiled its first strategy for improving the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, non-binary, intersex and queer people. The 125 homicides in the state, which sits to the south of Baja California, were less than half the number registered in the first six months of 2017 and a quarter the number in the latter half of 2017. A record 2,518 people were killed here in 2018 — nearly seven times the total in 2012. The police moved on to their next target, a dimly lighted watering hole called Norteno Bar tucked amid the strip clubs and taco shops of Tijuana’s Zona Norte. Then, after 9/11, the deadliest attack by foreign terrorists on American soil, the U.S. began to invest billions in border security. She stumbled, screaming, to his room off the back of the house. Australia to investigate, prosecute troops for alleged war crimes in Afghanistan. Under new president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, murder rates are up and a new security force, the Civil Guard, is being deployed onto the streets despite campaign promises to end the drug war. “The violence is with the low-level people,” he said. “Not the chiefs.”. By the time he returned to Tijuana in 2010 at age 18, cristal was starting to course through the streets, wrapped in little balloons or bits of plastic whose color signaled which cartel had produced it.

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