Yep but don't be scared to try worms and hook them in the middle so they form a "U" shape. Len Thompson hooks. Innovations®  Visibility is a couple od feet by the resort and 6 to 8 at the big lake. Going up for the first time this weekend how's the bite? :) Is catching like that good for that lake? Is the water clear ? Just got back today, first time fishing the river. Just fished for 4 days. Walleye are unreal, caught easily 200 walleye in 6hrs. Four 6 pounders. All walleye. We will tailor your trip to your needs and wants to make it the best trip for you. Anyone fishing for pike? For Any help would be awesome. Could only land pike and nothing over 5lbs. BB73- water clarity in river 1.5feet, resort a little better, pruden's point 4.5feet, jackfish point 5feet, was at these spots on the eleventh. What technique works best this time of year? Water is muddy hard to see. Road to flats plowed again Jan 17 by Twin Marine Outfitting. Campbell Dam was built. Album". Was up at Tobin last weekend, horrible weather and even worse fishing! Two days just off the point by the village, lots of big fat pike hitting chartreuse crankbaits, Maxed out here 4 days in a row. Summer bite is on. Big lake wasnt bad, but can't imagine it will be good when all the trash reaches there by this week. Caught one 6lb walleye and 4 tiny ones. Good luck out there. We can supply you with rods and tackle, or bring your own. Tobin Lake, Saskatchewan fishing report - Submit your own personal report at the bottom of this page! Did better at the lake. Caught hundreds of walleye. We've got you covered. Tons of trash in the water. just wondering what to expect on the lake, going to be there on sunday 6-1, big fish, hot spots, ice ?. Fishing was slow in the boat but my son caught a 16lb pike off the dock in the evening and hour before 2 girls caught and 22lb pike. Don't mean to upset anyone. The river is slow. Coming up for the long weekend. If this is the case then the lake is going to be ruined for awhile much like last year. What are people using to catch them on flats, Headed up from south asks what's the action on the river compared to flats. Slow at the river just a few little guys. Fishing has been incredible, caught over 40 walleye and they included 4 over 10 pounds and none under 3. Any updates on water clarity in the river? i was at the meat hole on wed june 11th got a 11lbs and a 9lbs walleye water was starting to get dirty but was still a good day on the water. Looking for any feed back on recent fishing on or near the flats ? Can u drive a truck to the flats if so can anyone give me directions out there, Decent pike and ooodles of perch on the flats weekend of Jan 20. Two 9 pound walleye in 7 mins. But not big. Can anyone tell me how thick the ice is at gingara right now and how the fishing is? I was thinking about going up to tobin lake over the september long, but don't have a boat, I was planning to rent one for a day but can you fish from shore for walleye or do you need a boat?? Good fishing off the dock! Average of 340 ratings as of Aug. 14, 2020. I heard someone say the water is down, but no issues getting to main lake. lake. Ice is off and walleye biting on the lake! Lakefront or slip availability would be great as we have a truck camper pulling a boat. Where is a good place to stay and fish in October I see nipawin is a half hr from Tobin lake and don't really want to do all of that driving each day, How muddy is the water out that way? awesome ill check those out for sure thanks alot. even a potential area. All I see is walleye. Anyone used a three way swivel with bell sinker and a flat rap. How are the walleye bitting? August 30. I'm headed up there this week wondered where to go? 16. Current Rating: Average of 340 ratings as of Aug. 14, 2020. Our friendly knowledgeable staff will help you on your way. Anyone know if prudens is producing or is it mostly where the walleye spawn in the spring. Just got home from Pruden's Point. For more Fished from tthe shore on the river. Will be out Today and will make more access points for every one with shacks. Hope Tobin is doing better. Reports" page. For your presentation leeches I assume ? information and stats on catches at Tobin Lake Resort, But, does anyone know if zebra mussels are now in the system? Heading up in a couple weeks. Is the water gunna be good enough to fish on aug 1st? i need my river monster this year. We'll take care of you. It was still pretty dirty at that point. Best walleye fishing ever, Fishing is dead on river amazing on the lake. Had a hard time catching this weekend. years, and now is home of a 'World Record Walleye' caught No use going to the river as the water is very muddy right now. Friends catching some nice pike 45in plus. We're you trolling on the river or using the current. Went from the park all the way to gingaras on the weekend. any issues with water when the dam was opened up ? Storm jerkbaits. Cool, I caught my personal best yesterday on my last day. Smaller walleyes but still fun. Northland buckshot rattle spoon tipped with a Minnow. Nothing overly big like I hoped but decient ones. Still fighting it when I left. Got some good size pike couple eyes and perch. One 20lb. Lots of boats around. Lake, please browse through our "Photo Bite on the river is slow.. Water levels are back up again but water is dirty. Big ones starting yet ? If so where at? How's the fishing been? Never been there and I've been thinking about going there for a while. Fishing very slow. thanks soulvandal MUCH APPRECIATED...ill keep an eye on the water feedback Looking for water height and conditions from any one recently up from twin marine towards the main lake. Good Luck and Good fishing Not saying we did not catch. Tons of fish. Going to nipiwan soon? hey FishMasters. Fraser River is next year so need some practice... Hello everyone, heading to tobin on the 7th, this will be my first time fishing the lake and I was curious as to where's a good place to launch the boat and a good starting point to get on some fish? 320,000 acres of game-rich mixed forest with 3 rivers and a lake that is 40 miles by 10 miles. Have heard the lake is pretty decent right now. Caught in open water, secret spot, in just 8 feet of water. And what are ya catching, any biggies? Trucks driveable by x-mas?? Caught alot of small ones at the point. I can't offer any advice on where the bite is, etc. Would you like to be guided for a day? Can catch Pike almost without effort. It's dirty, high and lots of current. I am more interested in catching lots, (my kids want to catch a fish)....if they are small we let them go, if they are OK size we will eat them. Anyone catching at tobin this weekend. We were out on Tobin for May long. Any updates on the river or the lake? The lake is located east of the convergence of the North & South Saskatchewan Rivers. south sask river Ive heard is catching. How's the ice at resort . It should be a full catch and release before it is fished out. First bend around new bridge and white rock. I have never been to Tobin and am planning a tip out. Well nobody got back to me about pike. One jack 17lbs. Water on river is still really muddy.. Dunno how long but usually takes a couples weeks to get back to normal. Record Class Walleye while ice fishing was 18 lbs 6ozs & Northern Pike to 38 Ibs. How's the fishing along grassy and the cabin pass. Good fishing or not ?? Ye be warned!!! Planning on leaving on the 23rd I think we pulled in 2 tiny walleye and 2 small pike...disappointing. Can still drive trucks on the flats. Didn't even try the river because it is very murky. Hows the pike fishing going to be there in 2 days. Out on flats the last couple days caught lots of pike in 8 lbs range and a 12,15,16 lbs. All day event not many but good size and one 10 lb Walleye huge mother. Not much action today. hows the water in the river? Was cold on the water. Water was dirty past prudents point caught a few walleye on the lake fishing was slow. Flats is accesible only by sleds from what i hear. Ice Report: 10 inlots ice ice on the flats 10" plus.

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