Unter den Chartstürmern des Jahres befinden sich Frauen mit klaren Statements, überraschende Kollaborationen und vor allem … jede Menge Deutsch-Rap. On “Don’t Start Now,” the debut single off her sophomore project, she proves she has something to add to the conversation. They make that statement over an unabashedly pretty melody, going in and out of duets and harmonies with seamless, generous sweetness. If you enjoyed listening to this one, you maybe will like: 1. Adel Tawil “Vielleicht”, 16. Maître Gims] - Shirin David, Royal Rumble (feat. 2017年, 【先ヨミ】すとぷり『Strawberry Prince』が187,433枚を売り上げ首位独走中 渋谷すばる/ORβITが速報トップ5に, 7ORDER、Ground Yとのコラボアイテム発売 アイテムをメンバーが纏った新MVのティザー映像も公開, Spotify、初のオンラインライブイベント開催決定 嵐/Perfume/End of the Worldらが出演, 11月15日にミューザ川崎シンフォニーホールで公演【ジャズピアノ Battle ジャム】を開催, このエルマークは、レコード会社・映像制作会社が提供するコンテンツを示す登録商標です RIAJ80010003, 本田雅人と中川英二郎が【かわさきジャズ2020】で共演。気の合う二人が音楽の魅力を語る, <Billboard JAPAN×NTTデータ>ビルボードライブ横浜のプロモーションビデオを脳科学で分析してみた, “ライブを見てほしい”--「キンモクセイ」で注目のオレンジスパイニクラブのロングインタビュー, 山下洋輔、スガダイロー、桑原あい、奥田弦〜世代を超えた4人のピアニストが、「ジャズピアノ Battle ジャム」への意気込みを語る. And that something is a propulsive, infectious disco sensibility.

It’s got relatable, on-the-nose lyrics; a commitment to catchy, sweet melodies; all sung with Jepsen’s intimately breathy vocals.

And that their music—as exemplified by the beautiful ballad “Crowded Table”—weaves in political statements only adds a layer of richness. (Bruner), Lizzo’s “Juice” is a funk-soul self-love dance anthem built to inspire confidence. (Bruner), Ever since going viral for a Colors Studios performance in 2017, the British singer Mahalia has enjoyed a steady rise, scoring hits including “I Wish I Missed My Ex” and the Ella Mai-assisted “What You Did.” On “Simmer,” she repurposes the burbling bassline of the 1997 dancehall classic “Who Am I” by Beenie Man, using it to anchor a love story in which a relationship verges on boiling over. Bei den Auswertungen der Jahrescharts 2019 wurden jeweils die Top 100 berücksichtigt. It’s both underdog and behemoth; eye-rollingly trivial and slyly progressive; radio-ready hit and oddball meme. Nimo, Luciano) [Explicit] - Kalazh44, Capital Bra, Samra, Maghreb Gang (feat. Each new version ruptured a new boundary or norm—whether it was Billy Ray Cyrus singing about his Maserati or BTS member RM delivering bilingual wordplay. And it was this shapeshifting ability that made “Old Town Road” the ideal cultural artifact for 2019, in its endlessly iterative and argumentative nature. Here are Billboard's picks for its top 25 rock songs of 2019. SDP feat. “Crime Pays,” in particular, perfectly toes the line between their aesthetic sensibilities: Madlib unearths a pristine sample from jazz fusion artist Walt Barr that conjures both nostalgia and unlimited possibility, while Gibbs confronts the darker realities of chasing the American dream: “Diamonds in my chain, yeah, I slang but I’m still a slave / Twisted in the system, just a number listed on the page.” (Chow), On her 2017 debut album, Britain’s Dua Lipa established herself as a honey-voiced rising star of mainstream pop. Deutsche Songs 2019 sind bunt, wie unsere Top 50 deutlich macht. (Her widely-praised third album was even nakedly called Emotion.) Once scorned as outsider—both to Nashville and the music industry at large—Lil Nas himself became the gatekeeper, and then opened the door as wide as possible for everyone else.

All Rights Reserved. Gestört aber GeiL feat. The music video—in which she skips and spins in cowboy boots across a barren, hellish landscape—perfectly reflects the song’s paradoxically carefree potency. Lizzo’s career was jolted forward by a Netflix trailer; Lil Nas X rode TikTok and Twitter to the top of the charts. Post Malone feat. 現在お使いのブラウザではJavascriptが有効となっていないため、サイトのコンテンツが正常に表示・動作されません。 “Welcome to the Party,” which was inescapable in Brooklyn this summer and fall, manically races forward, with the 20-year-old rapper’s syllables spilling out in terrifying, clipped bursts. “Juice” sounds like it was perfected in a test kitchen, equal parts joy, cheeky lyricism and timeless appeal.

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