Most everyone is familiar with this day, as it is celebrated nearly everywhere the world. آپ خوش شکل ہیں۔ It makes me even more attracted to you. The way you meet someone for the first time largely decides the nature of your relationship with them in the future.... Do you often feel lonely and sad? 309. Copyright 2018-2019, 700+ Best Comment On Beautiful Girl Photo For FB or Instagram 2019, Aankhen And Shayari On Eyes | Urdu Poetry, Bhool Jana Poetry | Urdu Poetry And Shayari, Bicharna Poetry | Judai SMS | Sad Shayari Images, Sufi Poetry in Urdu | God | Life | Love Quotes | Punjabi Sindhi Shayari, Tamasha Poetry Urdu | Dialogue | Quotes | SMS Shayari, wazifa And Wazaif For Love marriage, Husband, Hajat. Aap is kamyabi ki haqdar ho. “You are embarrassing me.”, آپ مجھے شرمندہ کر رہی ہیں۔ 232. This is definitely your calling in life. 108. Get Love Tips Sent Straight To Your Mailbox. Thank you for taking care of our family so well. 171. You are the first thing that I want to wake up to every morning and the last thing I want to see before I fall asleep. To answer a compliment, giving a compliment in return is quite natural. Complimenting an outfit or hair is one thing. Choose a few favorites, and share at least one of them with her today. Be very careful and watchful as you give your compliments. 307. Urdu Translation is I am amazed by all of the things that you do as a mom. 128. Meri team bhi qabile tareef hai. I love that you never seem to second-guess yourself. If done right, you might even make her smile. In addition to these complete sentences, you’ll often find native Urdu-speakers giving compliments in the form of a single word. “You are a good player.”, آپ اچھے فنکار ہو۔ Below are a few ways you can do this: آپ بھی کسی سے کم نہیں ہیں۔ Girls run the world and you are a prime example of that. You never fail to surprise me, and I love that about you. 275. I know that it was a tough project, but your performance exceeded my expectations. I love that you are true to yourself. Even after all these years, I still fall in love with you over and over again. You have a way of making everything you do look so easy. The sacrifices that you have made as a mother are incredible. “You deserve congratulations.”, آپ اس کامیابی کے حقدار ہو۔ Here some additions to your list: 217. Thank you for always being there for me. Being with you means the world to me. Of course, if you want to conquer a girl totally then you will notice on her some details, such as sweet earrings on the ear or cool nail polish. Aap achay khilari ho. - 235. “Your eyes are quite attractive.”, آپ کے بال بہت پیارے ہیں۔ 98. For example, if you love her eyes, what is it that you love about them? You make me feel so full in my heart and in my soul. Aap ko bohat mubarak ho. Otherwise, you’ll jeopardize your communication and your words will be empty. 226. 45. All rights reserved. 120. There are three words for “compliment” in Urdu that you should remember: Now, if you want to start praising someone in Urdu, it’s very common to begin with how that person looks. 143. 50. Our friendship is like a special cup of tea. Urdu Compliments To A Girl. 160. “You also are not inferior to anyone.”, آپ بھی کچھ کم نہیں ہیں۔ However, the ones below have subtle variations depending on gender. I can see how passionate you are about your job. 196. I can see how hard you have been working lately. You are the essence of a truly strong woman. “It could have been impossible without their help.”, میری ٹیم بھی قابل تعریف ہے۔ I am lucky that friendship does not come with price tags. Following are a few phrases you should probably avoid. Now, get ready to focus on some specific parts of the body in Urdu and learn a few relevant Urdu compliments.

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