Medals will be awared based on the following scores: 86-87 Bronze Medal $14.99. The new collection’s flavors include White Claw Tangerine, White Claw Watermelon, and White Claw Lemon. White Claw Watermelon has a hint of bright, ripe watermelon, and is clean and refreshing to taste, not like a syrupy candy. White Claw has released their Flavor Collection 2 and we've got our full review of the new flavors - Watermelon, Lemon, Mango and Tangerine. Hard seltzers were the drink trend of 2019. Flavors from left are Natural Lime, Black Cherry, Raspberry, and Ruby Grapefruit. First rumored back in November 2019, the White Claw “Flavor Collection No. 2 was just released. Our flavor bursts with a lemon aroma providing drinkers with crisp, citrus refreshment. Review: White Claw Launches 3 New Flavors, You can get them as part of a new variety pack. The only difference between the new and old releases are the flavors. White Claw launches three new fruity flavors. A case of the White Claw Flavor Collection #2 variety pack. You can’t taste the alcohol at all. Does this make sense? White Claw can be forgiven because they already had a lonely Mango flavor. Study shows rapid rise of telemedicine during COVID, Bridgeport domestic violence program seeks donations. The hard seltzer brand White Claw has announced the release of their Flavor Collection #2, introducing three new flavors to their line-up. The Daily Meal had the opportunity to try and review the new flavors before they were released. White Claw Lemon has been in development for over two years, as lemon is a very subtle and delicate flavor to work with. 2. Review: White Claw Flavor Collection No. The hard seltzer comes in 12-ounce slim cans with a 5% ABV. Thanks to our friends at the brand, The Daily Meal was able to taste test the new White Claws prior to their official launch — and we loved them all. The collection includes three new flavors and the previous solo artist Mango. Each White Claw has 100 calories, 2g carbs, and 5 percent alc/vol, according to the company. Two Roads Brewing Co. is the latest to join the... Cans of White Claw Hard Seltzer are seen on Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2019 in San Francisco, Calif. If real watermelon had this much flavor I would probably eat a lot more of it. Find them wherever White Claw is sold, and maybe even at the best bars in America. The original flavors of White Claw consisted of Raspberry, Black Cherry, Lime and Ruby Grapefruit, of which the Ruby Grapefruit is by far my favorite. Their description, according to the company, is as follows: White Claw Tangerine provides a splash of refreshing citrus that's a little more sweet than tart, embodying the splash of biting into a fresh tangerine wedge. Welcome to Best Tasting Spirits, your daily blog source for alcohol reviews and more. As a former UConn coach heads to the NBA, Geno Auriemma shows he’s still got his recruiting magic. White Claw is hitting us with brand new flavors, Bud Light AND Miller Lite have entered the chat, and not to mention Four Loko, PBR, and Natty Light are in the hard seltzer mix as well.. What’s Truly’s response? Hot off the heels of Truly’s glow up, hard seltzer market leader White Claw is launching three all-new flavors. Each 12-ounce can contains 5% alcohol, 100 calories and 2 grams of carbs. 2 was just released. "In the last year, tens and thousands of eager and passionate consumers took to social media requesting new flavors- and we listened.”. Buy It. Hard seltzer lemonade, which just like the OG Truly, it only has 1 gram of sugar and 100 calories. “In terms of chugability, I think watermelon would win,” she added. Stores carrying White Claw can be found on their website. It’s as if you took a plain seltzer water and squeezed fresh citrus into it. So, long story short, we really, really loved them all and as a collective, we couldn’t pick one flavor that was better than the others. White Claw Flavor Collection No. That said this is a very tasty hard seltzer that offers sweetness without being over-sweet. "Since our launch in 2016, we have only launched six flavors – it takes time to perfect a liquid worthy to bear the White Claw name," Rosse said in a press release. According to White Claw Seltzer Works President Phil Rosse, the new releases were requested by their thousands of customers. These are White Claws first new flavors in 16 months but when you control over 50% of the Hard Seltzer market, its important you wait until you have the formula dialed down so not to damage the brand you have done so well creating, and building. Twelve can variety packs account for 63% of Hard Seltzer sales so its always best to release these flavors in groups of four. 2, Review: Ole Smoky Tennessee Blackberry Whiskey, Review: Svedka Pure Infusions Ginger Lime Vodka. Since the summer of 2019, White Claw has introduced three new flavors to their line: Watermelon, Tangerine, and Lemon. White Claw Hard Seltzer introduces the highly-anticipated Flavor Collection No. After being highly requested by thousands of fans on social media, tangerine, watermelon and lemon White Claws are coming to a store near you. White Claw announced three new flavors — tangerine, watermelon, and lemon — as its prepares to try to establish its second summer of hard seltzer dominance. Like the other White Claw flavors these new flavors are made with not just natural flavors but also fruit juice concentrate specific to each flavor variety. All three are set to debut as part of a 12-count variety pack that also comes with mango. Copyright © 2020 Your Name Here. It almost feels like you’re drinking something that’s good for you. The length of the process, the volume of the numbers, is a reassuring sign of a robust democracy. A West Hartford restaurateur is worried — not just because of the curfew, but over the impending wave of COVID-19 that threatens to undo the... Colin McEnroe: Throw some love at CT Republicans. Neighbors want ‘to be heard’ about rock crushing... No in-school classes at Ansonia High for the next... COVID-19 cases continue to mount at UConn. New to White Claw are Lemon, Tangerine, and Watermelon. According to an email with their press representatives, “White Claw Lemon has been in development for over two years, as lemon is a very subtle and delicate flavor to work with.” Luckily all of that R&D paid off, since this can tastes exactly like a plain seltzer, garnished with a freshly squeezed lemon wedge. White Claw Watermelon has much more flavor intensity than real watermelon, but a real watermelon consists of 92% water. Another staffer chose tangerine as top dog. Superintendent: Stratford High School student dies, Here are the CT leaders who could end up in Biden’s administration, Police: Nurse punched, robbed in Hamden parking lot, FD: Two cats killed, 1 rescued in hoarded Bridgeport apartment, Four more disciplined: Bridgeport police board ends 2-year excessive force investigation, 2 New England states added to CT's travel advisory list, Stratford police: Bridgeport teen caught with rifle, 20 pounds of pot, Haar: Paying a late-night COVID price for all of us. It’s incredibly drinkable and this, another editor said, could be “very dangerous.”. “It had the boldest, sweetest flavor that was wonderfully fake watermelon. I’ll be honest — I was afraid to try this flavor. “The watermelon one was definitely my favorite,” one editor said. These 20 States Consume the Most Alcohol in America, How to Curate a Bar Cart, According to Mixologists. White Claw Watermelon has a hint of bright, ripe watermelon, and is clean and refreshing to taste, not like a syrupy candy. After being highly requested by thousands of fans on social media, tangerine, watermelon and lemon White Claws are coming to a store near you.How Much a Six-Pack of Beer Cost the Year You Were BornThanks to our friends at the brand, The Daily Meal was able to taste test the … Introducing the highly-anticipated, expertly crafted new flavors in White Claw Hard Seltzer Flavor Collection No.2. How Much a Six-Pack of Beer Cost the Year You Were Born. Reviews are done on a point scale from 80-100. This flavor also features a fresh, natural watermelon aroma. THE DAILY MEAL ® IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF TRIBUNE PUBLISHING. #clawz #watermelon #garrablanca #whiteclaw #sandia #hardseltzer #airheads #cupofice #senorchugger Our alcohol is reviewed at 36 degree unless stated differently. 2, including three brand new flavors — Tangerine, Watermelon and Lemon! Read more. So how do these new flavors measure up? 88-90 Silver Medal “The watermelon one was definitely my favorite,” one The Daily Meal editor said. The latest trend in the alcohol industry are hard seltzers with White Claw leading the pack in sales.

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